Windows 10: restricted zone functionality

Discus and support restricted zone functionality in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; Hello - in previous versions of Windows it was possible to put sites in the restricted zone of internet options/security (from the control panel) and... Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by davexnet, Jan 30, 2017.

  1. davexnet Win User

    restricted zone functionality

    Hello -
    in previous versions of Windows it was possible to put sites in the restricted zone of internet options/security
    (from the control panel) and these sites would be inaccessible from Internet Explorer

    This, apparently, no longer works in Windows 10. Anybody come across this?
    Any similar functionality elsewhere?

    TIA for any info

    davexnet, Jan 30, 2017

  2. The new Windows 10 does NOT use the Restricted Sites zone

    since downloading windows 10. I have experienced many problems, the latest being bombarded with "survey advertising" web pages, which are continuous. I immediately added every address to the" restricted zone" and could not understand why they still appeared
    until discovering for some reason "the restricted zone no longer functions in windows 10!". What person in his right mind allowed this ridiculous action?

    Hopefully the same person can come up with a remedy of how to stop this really unwanted bombardment, or perhaps some kind person who has more sense has the answer. Thanks Taff 1
    Taff 1. UK., Jan 30, 2017
  3. Windows Live Mail error "This page uses fonts that need to be temporarily installed. This is usually safe. Do you want to allow these fonts to be downloaded?"

    Here is how to "fix" the "Temporary Fonts Install Prompt" problem.

    1. In Windows Live Mail: go to Tools/Safety Options/Security. In the "Virus Protection" section it probably has "Restricted sites zone (more secure)" selected. This is the default (and preferred) option. Leave it like that.

    2. In the Windows Control Panel select "Internet Options." Then select "Security." Here you must select "Restricted Sites" and then click the "Custom Level" button. Scroll down to "Downloads" and under "Font Download" select "Disable" (or "Enable").

    This is what finally worked for me. The key element is that Windows Live Mail uses the Internet Explorer settings for security. Step 1 above specifies using the "Restricted Sites" zone. That is why the changes in step 2 need to be made in the "Restricted Sites"
    zone and not in the "Internet" zone. However, if the Windows Live Mail "Virus Protection" section specifies "Internet zone" then the font download disable or enable changes need to be made in the Internet zone in the Control Panel "Internet Options" Security
    Paul Fretz, Jan 30, 2017
  4. Bree New Member

    restricted zone functionality

    The amount of restriction on sites in the Restricted Zone is fully customisable, from just blocking JavaScript to blocking almost everything. I don't recall it possible to block access completely though. It still works in Windows 10, but this always was, and still is, a function that is specific to Internet Explorer. Edge and other browsers won't be affected by anything you set in IE's Internet options > Security.

    If you want to block access to a particular site across all browsers and for all users, the you could put an entry for it in your HOSTS file.
  5. davexnet Win User
    Hi -
    Other apps use the Internet Options, not just IE, eg. Skype.
    It used to be possible to block ads in Skype by putting in the restricted zone

    I put this domain and, as a test, "" and I can still access
    from IE11 without any trouble at all. Something is odd here. The zone security is set to "high" as per default.

    I blocked Skype ads by adding the above to the hosts file, but I'm still curious about the "restriced zone"
    apparently, now, ineffective
    davexnet, Apr 5, 2018

restricted zone functionality

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