Windows 10: Reverse Support -- Solving Task View problem u don't realize you have

Discus and support Reverse Support -- Solving Task View problem u don't realize you have in Windows 10 Software and Apps to solve the problem; Greetings, I'm the newbie loon who got so sick of Tim C(r)ook's Apple I ditched that ecosystem altogether. I've had to come here and ask dumb@$$... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Software and Apps' started by The Pool Man, May 13, 2017.

  1. Reverse Support -- Solving Task View problem u don't realize you have


    I'm the newbie loon who got so sick of Tim C(r)ook's Apple I ditched that ecosystem altogether. I've had to come here and ask dumb@$$ questions but over the last year or so I've come up to speed. (Well... I'm still learning but I finally have a clue.)

    Task view. That way you can make all your open windows present themselves in a pleasant easy to see way. So very OS X from so many years ago. Now --

    -- I know that makes Windows people tense. Being told a feature was copied. Usually an expert will find a moment in PC history where "we did it first" and maybe you did but really nobody liked or used it. And Apple users LOVE it. Not because we're pinheads but because 'it just works'.

    So when I saw it in Windows 10 I didn't moan or groan. Mac copies PC, PC copies Mac, Linux copies both. I don't give a flying monkey poo. All I care about is IF the feature rocks and IF I can have it too. *Cool

    So. Back to Task View. Makes me feel like I'm home EXCEPT that the way you invoke it? Not so much. That little button in the task bar or the Windows + Tab button are both decent -- but slower than the Expose way of simply whipping your pointer into the top left corner. (Or corner of your choosing.)

    WinXCorners adds this iFunctionality to Windows 10. I'm here to highly recommend you try it. If you think it's virus or malware bate tell me. Otherwise -- enjoy.

    codigobit apps: WinXCorners Hot Corners for Windows 10

    I know as PC types you may not get it after 10 seconds. Try it for 2 days. I'll bet in day 2 it will already be an old friend. BUT WAIT, THERE'S MORE!

    You know how you can click in the bottom right corner of your PC window and all apps vaporize so that you can see the desktop? It's important to remember you have to click to do this. This is to prevent the Windows from accidentally going away. Yet adding that click ADDS a step just the same.

    WinXCorners can do the same minus the click. It defaults to clear the screen lower right. Try it. Please.

    One last thing. Action Center. I'm sure there's a key command to open it but I'd rather just... wait for it... stick my pointer in the top right corner of the screen. BOOM. That same motion gets rid of it too.

    I hope someone will try and someone will get happy. It's a good thing.

    p.s. There's a similar app called BetterDesktop (something like that). It does the same thing but uses it's own animation to move things around. And it's clunky and buggy. It's used by more people and so I thought WinXCorners was inferior. It's not. It's the other way around.

    The Pool Man, May 13, 2017

  2. E51questions. Need help.


    1) I think there is an option for setting up your phonebook view that way, but I don't have my E51around so can't say..

    2) This is a known problem of S60 FP1, no way to solve it. Your only option is to either reverse the order in phonebook, or put everything as the "last name".
    rohandhruva---01, May 13, 2017
  3. garym123 Win User
    No volume control option for Music Play on screen

    The only voume control is the buttons.

    There is no music player app that I know of. That would have to integrate with the core functions which probably is not allowed.

    Most don't realize you can fast forward and rewind with the player. Just hold the forward of reverse arrow. Are there any other problems you have with the player?
    garym123, May 13, 2017
  4. dmesal Win User

    Reverse Support -- Solving Task View problem u don't realize you have

    did not know about top right

    many thanks
    dmesal, May 14, 2017
  5. Tony K Win User
    Hi there and welcome to the PC world. I've noticed Apple has changed since Cook took over.

    I appreciate your suggestion and I'm sure some will appreciate this, but as a keyboarder (hate the mouse), I'll stick with the combo keys. WinKey/Tab is remnant of 3D Task view in Windows 7, which I think was a Aero feature now abandoned. Alt/Tab works better to flip through apps IMO. WinKey/Ctrl/D for another desktop, then WinKey/Ctrl/Arrow keys to move back and forth to desktops.

    However, this would be great for touch screens I would think. And I'm wondering if it'll works in Tablet mode. I see it won't work for multiple monitors, but neither does Tablet mode nor virtual desktops in 10. As you may know, Windows has gone through a drastic change since 8/8.1 in that it's become touch centric to run across all devices.

    Also, I was a little confused with your link. It should be codigobit apps: WinXCorners Hot Corners for Windows 10
    Tony K, May 14, 2017
  6. WHOOPS! Corrected the link. *Shock
    The Pool Man, May 14, 2017
  7. Barman58 Win User
    Just to be different I have the TaskView assigned to a spare button on my MX Master Mouse - Rarely use it as I like Serial Monogamy, (One task at a time, one after the other), and multi monitors but I couldn't think of anything else to set the button to *Wink

    BTW the screen preview option on the lower right corner is on a timer it will automatically activate without a click if left for a second or two, (I assume that this is customisable somewhere in the Registry or Group Policy )
    Barman58, May 14, 2017
  8. Reverse Support -- Solving Task View problem u don't realize you have

    I will share one surprising adjustment I've made. So nobody thinks I have to have everything the way it was.

    Virtual desktops. In OS X I loved them. It was a way to avoid having too many windows open on desktop. So I'd have Mail and iMessages (similar apps) on one screen. A browser on another. Office like Apps on yet another. So on any given day I'd be dancing around 3 or more desktops to 'reduce' clutter.

    I tried virtual desktops in Windows 10 and it doesn't work the same way. Where it wasn't possible to open multiple instances of Firefox on Mac, you could in Win10. Defeating the purpose of order and neatness. So I ditched it.

    But Win10 offers something that solves the clutter problem -- so that -- managing and dancing between virtual desktops isn't really necessary. Part one of the solution is task view, made perfect (for me) with that WinXCorners utility.

    Part two is that silly 'shake' feature. Suppose you have 5 apps open -- but typically will be using one predominately. Say Firefox. Well you grab the top bar of the Firefox window, shake, and all the other apps hide. They don't minimize. They simple pretend not to be open. But if you hit that hot corner they all reveal themselves.

    Apple offers a feature called HIDE OTHERS which is similar but requires a key stroke. If you haven't guessed, I'm a mouse person. HEY -- is there a key command for the 'shake and hide other windows' feature?

    Anyway, with hide so avail I no longer see a point to isolating apps in virtual desktops.
    The Pool Man, May 14, 2017
  9. Barman58 Win User
    I'll just stick to the shake to minimise that's built into the OS
    Barman58, May 14, 2017
  10. This entire discussion, by the by, is kinda pointless on a laptop. My laptops support a three finger swipe up which activates 'task view' quite nicely. If OEMs were still making standalone trackpads for desktop PCs this talk wouldn't be happening.
    The Pool Man, May 15, 2017
  11. If you have the peek feature enabled you can just right click on the bottom right of the screen on the task bar and set it to peek at desktop which shows the desktop when you hover over it without having to click.

    To enable peek if it isn't already:
    • Control Panel>System>Advanced System Settings>Advance[Tab]>Performance Settings>Visual Effects[Tab]>Enable Peek
    As for the task view I think I'll just stick with Win Key + Tab for now, The way I see it, the less third party apps involved the better.
    WinXUser78, May 15, 2017
  12. Mystere Win User
    Here's the thing. 90% of computer users are Windows users. But everyone has a different way they like it. Some people (like me) despise those hot corners, because i'm always accidentally hitting them when I throw my mouse to the side and start typing (i'm a programmer, I type a lot). I hate the "peek" feature as well, but it doesn't bother me enough to disable it (which you can easily do). I may yet, but so far i'm too lazy.

    Windows 8 had a ton of "hot corner" functionality, and it was all very annoying to most of the users. So in fact, MS got rid of this (see Charms Bar) because of the backlash.

    Regarding TaskView, yes Mac had Expose first, and lots of people wanted to copy it in Windows, but there wasn't any good copies. I'm satisfied with the Windows 10 TaskView for the most part, but like you I don't use virtual desktops.
    Mystere, Apr 5, 2018

Reverse Support -- Solving Task View problem u don't realize you have

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