Windows 10: Review: Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery

Discus and support Review: Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery in Windows 10 Tutorials to solve the problem; Recovering data and mailboxes from Microsoft Exchange EDB databases can sometime be a nightmare. I came across the software from Stellar Phoenix called... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Tutorials' started by Noel, Jun 21, 2018.

  1. Noel New Member

    Review: Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery

    Recovering data and mailboxes from Microsoft Exchange EDB databases can sometime be a nightmare. I came across the software from Stellar Phoenix called Mailbox Exchange Recovery and for a small software, I managed to solve huge problems while minimising the time of recovery and the time effort to recover the mailboxes/items or EDB databases versus the conventional tools available.

    Apart from solving the problems I had, Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery is a simple to use software. When you open it, you just point the software to the EDB file and it will automatically scan the EDB file to list the mailboxes. Depending on the corruption of the EDB database you can choose between Quick Scan or Extensive Scan. Once the scan is complete, you will get a full preview of all mailboxes in the database with the facility to browse in the actual folders. Apart from that you can also have a preview of the email you are looking at in the right pane. With this software you can also scan and export from multiple EDB files if you have multiple departments and create an EDB for each one.

    If you have a specific recovery criteria from the user, you can easily filter by To, From, CC, Subject, Body, Attachment, Importance and Item Type; apart from the date range. There are various export options you ca use which some are PST, MSG, EMAIL. It came very useful when I had to recovery mails or mailboxes from a decommissioned Exchange Server, where I just restored the EDB file and exported all the mailboxes to PST in one go. This version of Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery can server also in migration projects to Office 365, where for example I found it very useful with Exchange 2007 clients migration to Office 365 and apart from exporting all mailboxes to PST was very easy and fast. On the other hand, you can easily restore the mailboxes to a live EDB file or directly to an Office 365 tenant. Really came in handy for a client who was migrating to Office 365 from a Exchange 2007. The solution was to export all mailboxes to PST, upload them and importing them through Office 365 portal but then this software allowed me to open the EDB file and export/import the mailbox directly to Office 365 without any hassle with all the calendar, tasks ad folder structure the user had in his on-premise solution. So apart from a recovery tool, I found it an excellent tool for migration tasks.

    To cut story short, you can go with the repair, scan and use other applications to recover a corrupted EDB, but to be honest why would you end up with a huge amount of time scanning and repairing where you can easily use this software to recover you data and not having raging users waiting to access their precious emails? With Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery, one can easily create a new EDB file containing new mailboxes, export all mailboxes to PST using the application and restore business in no time.

    In conclusion this is a great tool to have if you have Microsoft Exchange servers or if you are in a position to migrate to Office 365. The software is so easy to use and for the price, it’s really worth the money starting from $399 to $999 depending on the license needs. If you are still indecisive, you can always download the trial to check if your EDB file is recoverable. The software supports Exchange 2016 downwards to Exchange 5.5.

    Check the software on the link below and get your trial now


  2. sumi Win User

    Use Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

    Hello, I upgraded my Windows 7 PC to 10 yesterday and encountered the same problem. I thought upgrade was done so I logged in, did some things, logged off and restarted. Then all my document files and photos were gone!! There were all there when I initially logged in *cry I searched everywhere including /user, /temp/, windows.old, etc. but I couldn't find them.

    Then I saw a post about Stellar Phoenix and installed and ran it. And I could recover all of my files!!! It's free up to 1GB recovery. Since I had files over 40GB, I had to purchase it ... ($99 *Sad ) But I couldn't lose all my files so ... Anyways, if anybody is having the same issue, I highly recommend the software. Seriously Microsoft ... why don't you show some warnings or instructions!! *Mad

    (Update) I preemptively posted above. I couldn't recover 'all' of my files - could recover about 2/3 of them. But it was much better than losing all ... I could recover some very important files and photos. But this shouldn't have happened to anybody!
  3. sumi Win User
    Use Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery

    Basically the same thing happened to me ... when I upgraded and logged in first time, I copied (that's what I thought) files to new directory and the next time when I logged in, everything was gone. Anyways, I used Stellar Phoenix Windows Recovery software. I could recover about 2/3 of files, although I still lost some old photos and some recovered files are corrupted. Just better than nothing *cry
  4. 7thSense Win User

    Review: Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery

    How to manage multiple Exchange mailboxes

    Each mailbox will get one icon. Check the full app list and you will find one icon for each Exchange mailbox. They will be listed under the names you gave them. For example: The personal one will be listed under P if you named it "Personal" and the shared
    one under "S" if you named it "Shared".

    Hope this helps!
    7thSense, Jun 21, 2018

Review: Stellar Phoenix Mailbox Exchange Recovery

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