Windows 10: Roblox has error on Windows 10 build 1607

Discus and support Roblox has error on Windows 10 build 1607 in Windows 10 Gaming to solve the problem; Hi everyone I'm using Windows 10 build 1607 (Because my laptop cannot handle newer version of Windows 10). I had an uncommon error. When I'm playing... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Gaming' started by EnderGayMC, Sep 10, 2019 at 11:17 AM.

  1. Roblox has error on Windows 10 build 1607

    Hi everyone

    I'm using Windows 10 build 1607 (Because my laptop cannot handle newer version of Windows 10). I had an uncommon error. When I'm playing Roblox Windows 10 Edition on Microsoft Store, after a while playing, It becomes freeze and cannot move anymore. Only when I use Alt+Tab, It isnt responding anymore. It has a notification: Application Win10Universal has been blocked from accessing graphics hardware. Although I tried deleting temp files, reinstalling Graphics Card, restarting Laptop, check for update of Roblox Windows 10 Edition, reinstall OS and Roblox Windows 10, installing older Graphics Driver, set TdrDelay,...etc, It doesn't work

    My system is:

    Intel Core I3 3110m

    Intel HD Graphics 4000

    4Gb Ram installed

    64bit Windows 10 build 1607

    My laptop model is Asus K45A


  2. NdMk2o1o Win User

    1607: Unable to install installshield scripting runtime error - Win10

    Anyone had this error installing any old games? 1607: Unable to install installshield scripting runtime error

    The game is COD 2 and am running Windows 10 x64.... am sure I have installed this on a previous Windows 10 build, tried a quick google though it's throwing up a load of old threads related to Windows XP
  3. nancy3243 Win User
    Event Viewer problem with latest Windows Build 1607

    After installing the new Windows build 1607, the Event Viewer stopped recording events under Diagnostic Performance. (Before 1607 I checked the files located under Windows.old dated 9/23/2016 and located this file which indeed did have a list of events

    Since the initial 1607 download there have been two new builds automatically installed on my laptop.

    The last step in an automatic download is the RESTART. Prior to my rebooting, I checked the Diagnostic Performance and for sure, these had the list of events.

    Rebooting by me, causes the Diagnostic Performance errors to disappear.

    As suggested earlier I have run the SFC/DISM commands with no errors reported.

    Any Ideas?

  4. Ariel Acu Win User

    Roblox has error on Windows 10 build 1607

    Windows 10 Roblox problem

    Hi Auras,

    There are several reasons as to why you can't play Roblox on your computer. Windows Updates may affect the game not to play if your computer is not updated. To make sure that your Windows 10 is up to date, I suggest that you check for any Windows Update
    by using this link as your guide.

    In addition, make sure that Roblox is allowed to run on your Chrome by performing the following steps:

    • Download Roblox and run its setup file.
    • After the game has been installed, try to run it.
    • You should get a message box saying “External Protocol Request”. Check
      Remember my choice for all links of this type and click Launch Application.

    If the issue persists, I suggest that you use another web browser on your computer to check if that helps.

    Do get back to us with the results. We'd be more than willing to provide you additional help.

Roblox has error on Windows 10 build 1607

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