Windows 10: Roblox isn't working

Discus and support Roblox isn't working in Windows 10 Gaming to solve the problem; I want to get Roblox from microsoft store, and it is downloading fine and all, but when i make an account or login it is just stuck on the same loading... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Gaming' started by Daniel Beckstrand, Sep 7, 2019.

  1. Roblox isn't working

    I want to get Roblox from microsoft store, and it is downloading fine and all, but when i make an account or login it is just stuck on the same loading screen and it doesn't load anything except the messages. I've tried re-installing it and rebooting it, but nothing seems to work.

    Daniel Beckstrand, Sep 7, 2019

  2. Printer isn´t working after latest update.

    After the latest update from Windows, my Canon Pixma ip6600 printer isnt working. In Device Manager it shows up as working properly but when I go to print it isn´t listed as an option in any programs. Troubleshoot suggests it´s a USB 2 printer on a USB
    3 port and that that´s the problem but that cant be since it worked fine before the update. I´ve tried to uninstall and plug it back in but that doesn´t work either.
    Sigurdur WilliamBrynjarsson, Sep 7, 2019
  3. Printer isn´t working after latest update.

    Managed to solve it... here´s how I did it just in case anyone else has the same problem...


    ->Printers & scanners

    ->Add a printer or scanner

    ->The printer that I want isn´t listed

    ->Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings

    ->Use an existing port: USB001 (Virtual printer port for USB)

    ->Choose printer

    ->Use the driver that is currently installed

    ->Type printer name

    And done... =P
    Sigurdur WilliamBrynjarsson, Sep 7, 2019
  4. Roblox isn't working

    Roblox Installer Not Working

    Hi Andrew,

    Thank you for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    I completely understand your concern and feel sorry for the inconvenience this has caused.

    Since ROBLOX is a third party application software, unfortunately we don't have sufficient recourses to support you.

    Before we proceed, I need more information to help you better:

    •Does this work on previous operating system?

    I suggest you to install ROBLOX in a compatibility mode and check, if it helps.

    Let's follow these steps below:

    a. Download the latest Application from the manufacturer’s website.

    b. Right-click on the app setup file and click on ‘properties’.

    c. Click on the ‘compatibility’ tab and check the box ‘Run this program in compatibility mode for’ and select Windows 8/8.1 operating system from the drop down menu and proceed with the installation.
    Once this is done, restart the computer and check, if the issue persists.

    I suggest you to contact ROBLOX support for further assistance and see if it helps.

    Here is the link:

    Please feel free to contact us, if you face any issues with Windows.

    Thank you.
    AntonyJose, Sep 7, 2019

Roblox isn't working

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