Windows 10: Runtime Error 339

Discus and support Runtime Error 339 in Windows 10 BSOD Crashes and Debugging to solve the problem; How do I fix "SIU Loader Runtime Error 339" without buying a registry cleaner?... Discussion in 'Windows 10 BSOD Crashes and Debugging' started by Win Koch, Jul 2, 2019.

  1. Win Koch Win User

    Runtime Error 339

    How do I fix "SIU Loader Runtime Error 339" without buying a registry cleaner?

    Win Koch, Jul 2, 2019
  2. 45Lefty Win User

    Runtime error 339

    How do I fix a Runtime Error 339 MC132.OCX?
    45Lefty, Jul 2, 2019
  3. SrKag Win User
    runtime error 217 at 50075885

    tried to rest the runtime programs and update still get runtime error followed by a second error runtime
    error (at 172:103): could not call proc. then nothing. Any suggestions?

    SrKag, Jul 2, 2019
  4. Runtime Error 339

    Runtime Error 339

    I had designed a programme using visual basic 6.0...

    I had run it successfully in my windows 7 computer...

    But when I tried to run it using my laptop with windows 10, an error occurs with the error code 339.

    That error says " Component 'COMCTL32.OCX' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid.

    Note : My win7 computer had visual basic 6 installed. But my win10 computer had not visual basic 6 installed. I do not want to install visual basic 6 on my windows 10 computer.

    I had checked in system32 folder in windows root folder. There is file called comctl32.ocx in that folder.

    Please give me a reply as soon as you can. The above mentioned self-developed program is a urgent project of mine. So I want to solve the error as soon as possible

    Runtime Error 339 da95b044-4824-4f97-89ae-c110c844d9ee?upload=true.png
    Sankha Bimsara Ambepitiya, Jul 2, 2019

Runtime Error 339

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