Windows 10: Rupture in Workflow

Discus and support Rupture in Workflow in Windows 10 Software and Apps to solve the problem; Every time I edit and save a copy of a given photo, Photos would go back to the original folder and I could just see the next photo and keep... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Software and Apps' started by roneyrod, Sep 13, 2021.

  1. roneyrod Win User

    Rupture in Workflow

    Every time I edit and save a copy of a given photo, Photos would go back to the original folder and I could just see the next photo and keep editing/saving. That's how it used to be until a few weeks ago. Now after I save a copy the only thing I am able to see is the saved photo. In order to go back to my workspace and keep editing other photos I need to close Photos and reopen by double-clicking any photo in the folder/workspace.ZThat's a bit annoying to have to close and reopen the app each photo I save.Does anyone know whether there is a way to go back to the way it was before?Thanks!

    roneyrod, Sep 13, 2021
  2. ManjuM2 Win User

    Windows security upgrade - Sharepoint site nintex workflow cancelled to run

    Hi I am getting below errors from last 2 days before that my workflows were running OK without any issues

    We have schedules for few workflows on different share point sites... in which few workflows runs once a day in morning times and few workflows runs when new document added to list or library ...on condition basis...

    We had windows security patch upgrade on weekend and from Monday onwards we are getting below errors

    Workflow - Check for Today Tasks failed to start.

    Workflow Workflow - Check for Today Tasks was canceled by System Account.

    when workflow schedulers are triggered ...and i don't see any further progress even if i trigger few of those workflows manually tooo...this issue occurs on both Dev and live environments ...

    not sure if the issue is related to windows security upgrade or not ... but we are end up with no solution on it after restarting sharepoint & nintex Timer services also...

    So can someone please help me to fix ?
    ManjuM2, Sep 13, 2021
  3. Require assistance on migration of Windows workflow Foundation to WF4/WF4.5

    Hi Prasun,

    As this forum category here is focus on Office 365 Education product related problems, for your situation, we kindly suggest you post in our
    MSDN forum to get related support.
    It is a specific channel to handle this kind of questions.

    The following is a related link that maybe helpful:

    Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) Migration Guidance

    Your understanding is highly appreciated.

    Best Regards,

    Zixuan Yuan MSFT, Sep 13, 2021
  4. btarunr Win User

    Rupture in Workflow

    Seagate Announces ClusterStor Hadoop Workflow Accelerator

    Seagate Technology plc, a world leader in storage solutions, today announced availability of the ClusterStor Hadoop Workflow Accelerator a new solution providing the tools, services, and support for High Performance Computing (HPC) customers who need the best performing storage systems for Big Data Analytics. The Hadoop Workflow Accelerator is a set of Hadoop optimization tools, services and support that leverages and enhances the performance of ClusterStor, the market leading scale-out storage system, designed for Big Data analysis.

    Computationally intensive High Performance Data Analytics (HPDA) environments will benefit from significant reductions in data transfer time with the Hadoop Workflow Accelerator. This solution also includes the Hadoop on Lustre Connector, which allows both Hadoop and HPC Lustre clusters to use exactly the same data without having to move the data between file systems or storage devices.

    "Data-intensive computing has long been a part of HPC, but newer analytical approaches using Hadoop and other methods, such as graph analytics, will help drive strong growth in high performance data analysis, which is the market for Big Data needing HPC. The Hadoop Workflow Accelerator is designed to serve both the technical computing and commercial sides of this converging Big Data-HPC market that IDC forecasts will exceed $4 billion in 2018," said Steve Conway, IDC Research Vice President, High Performance Computing. "IDC research shows that 29% of HPC sites already use Hadoop. The market will welcome tools that boost Hadoop performance and efficiency."

    The Hadoop Workflow Accelerator supports Hadoop distributions based on Open Source Apache Hadoop. Seagate is working with leading Hadoop distributors to offer best-in-class solutions to HPC customers and will provide tighter integration between the Hadoop Workflow Accelerator and other Hadoop distributions in future releases.

    "Organizations not only want to manage the tremendous volume of data that they are collecting from a wide variety of sources, they also want to derive new insights that enable actionable intelligence and improve operational efficiency. Seagate's award-winning ClusterStor scale-out HPC solutions, now with our Hadoop Workflow Accelerator options, enable organizations to optimize Big Data workflows and centralize data storage for High Performance Data Analytics solutions," said Ken Claffey, Vice President of ClusterStor, Seagate Cloud Systems and Solutions. "TeraSort benchmark results have the Hadoop Workflow Accelerator outperforming Hadoop on the Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS) by 38% on the same hardware. The Hadoop Workflow Accelerator meets our customer's performance demands and optimizes the performance of Hadoop Ecosystem deployments, thus helping customers achieve the fastest time to results for their data intensive workloads and hardware configuration."

    The Seagate ClusterStor systems' innovative scale-out HPC architecture enables a central repository allowing both HPC and Hadoop analytics tools to be run simultaneously on the same data sets in ClusterStor. The Hadoop Workflow Accelerator significantly reduces time to results by enabling immediate Hadoop data processing from the start of each job, and eliminates the time consuming step of bulk copying large amounts of data from a separate data repository. With the Accelerator, Hadoop environments can now scale computing and storage resources independently, increasing flexibility to optimize analysis resources, while supporting centralized high-performance data repositories of 100's of PBs of storage capacity.

    Hadoop Workflow Accelerator detail:
    • Tests run with Hadoop Workflow Accelerator on applications such as Mahout, Hive and Pig showed marked improvements for Apache Hadoop 1.0 distributions over standard storage configurations. TeraSort benchmarks show that the Hadoop Workflow Accelerator outperforms Hadoop on HDFS by up to 38%. Details on these and other benchmarks are available from Seagate.
    • The Hadoop Workflow Accelerator includes the Seagate developed Hadoop on Lustre Connector and an array of ClusterStor performance optimization best practices, system tuning methods, installation and configuration management tools, and professional services.
    • Expanding compatibility, the Seagate engineered family of Hadoop on Lustre Connectors extend support to several Hadoop eco-system packages such as Mahout, Hive and Pig to take advantage of the parallel read/write performance of the Lustre file system operating with high-speed networks such as 40 Gig-E and Infiniband.
    • The ClusterStor Hadoop Workflow Accelerator is compatible with both Hadoop 1.0 and Hadoop 2.0 or Yarn distributions and requires no code changes or re-compiling of either Hadoop or Lustre systems.
    • The Hadoop Workflow Accelerator is compatible with existing HDFS-based Hadoop installations. There's no need to migrate data to Seagate ClusterStor prior to using the Accelerator as users can read from or write to ClusterStor and HDFS interchangeably, while running Hadoop jobs.
    Pricing and Availability
    Seagate's Hadoop Workflow Accelerator is scheduled to be available in January as a set of distinct product bundles, with varying levels of performance optimization, services and support.
    btarunr, Sep 13, 2021

Rupture in Workflow

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