Windows 10: Sandboxie 5.30 has been released

Discus and support Sandboxie 5.30 has been released in AntiVirus, Firewalls and System Security to solve the problem; Sandboxie stable version 5.30 was released today. If you are a Sandboxie user, then you are probably aware that and the Sandboxie servers... Discussion in 'AntiVirus, Firewalls and System Security' started by bo elam, Apr 24, 2019.

  1. bo elam Win User

    Sandboxie 5.30 has been released

    Sandboxie stable version 5.30 was released today. If you are a Sandboxie user, then you are probably aware that and the Sandboxie servers have been down this past few days. This problem has caused users to experience issue when activating their licenses, updating the program, etc.

    Sandboxie 5.30 was released to fix license activation issues. Installation of 5.30 went flawlessly in my W7 and W10, my license activated quickly and without issue. is up now but slow, the SBIE forum is still down, its been upgraded.

    You can get the installer from either of this links:
    Sandboxie - Sandbox software for application isolation and secure Web browsing

    Separate installers


    Version 5.30
    Released on 23 April 2019.

    Addressed a bug that affected activations and licensing creation.

    Added partial support for Windows 10 Insider -Fast ring version 18362

    (still working on full support, we are aware downloads will not work from sandboxed browsers)

    Sandboxie - Version Changes


    bo elam, Apr 24, 2019

  2. Keyscrambler and Sandboxie

    Hope it helps, it did me.

    My default browser is Chrome, but I do use Firefox and IE.

    I am sure that the Sandboxie configuration fix is exclusive to Keyscrambler and does not include any browser reference. It worked immediately with Sandboxied Chrome, Firefox and IE.

    So it should work OK with any other browser that Sandboxie is compatible for use with.

    It may be that this fix is only needed when Sandboxie is already installed and KS is added afterwards. If KS is already installed and Sandboxie is added afterwards, then the Sandboxie installation wizard should pick up KS as an inherent program and include it in the configuration list. If so, this fix would not be needed.
    Bald Eagle, Apr 24, 2019
  3. Keyscrambler and Sandboxie

    Many users including me have found that the new version of Keyscrambler Personal - Free edition for IE, Firefox and now Chrome does not work when the browsers are opened with Sandboxie. This easy fix is how to cure the problem.

    Download Keyscrambler Personal - Free to your Desktop from Download KeyScrambler or some other reputable site. Do not download with a Sandboxied browser.

    Go through the wizard and select your preferences. I suggest you choose the tray icon and for the program to start with Windows opening. You will have to reboot when finished.

    KS will then work perfectly with IE, Firefox and Chrome unsandboxied, but will not work with the browsers Sandboxied.

    Now follow this :-

    Open Sandboxie Control. Then -
    Sandbox>Defaultbox>Sandbox Settings>Resourse Access-expand>IPC Access-expand>Direct Access>ADD (2 items) as under.

    In panel Add Resource Name - add both these in turn, copy/paste using CNTRL+C for copy and CNTRL+V for paste :-

    Add>\RPC Control\KSControlEp.Default*>OK - then :-
    Add>BaseNamedObjects*\KSSettingsEvent*>OK - then :-
    Click OK at bottom of Control Panel.

    Open browsers with Sandboxie. The KS icon should show in the tray.
    Orange = not active but ON, Green = active, Black animated = traffic, Red = OFF - RT click, select KS ON.

    Browsers IE, Firefox and Chrome opened with Sandboxie will now have KS working perfectly.
    This procedure should work with the paid versions of KS.

    All done.
    Bald Eagle, Apr 24, 2019
  4. bo elam Win User

    Sandboxie 5.30 has been released

    Sandboxie and Fall Creators Update

    Sandboxie 5.24 has been released. List of Fixes and changes below.

    Version 5.24
    Released on 12 March 2018.

    • Added support for Secure Boot.

    • Fixed Win 7-64 Sbie driver load failure with KB4056897 /KB4056894.

    • Fixed BSOD in Win 10-32 CU with KB4074592.

    • Fixed Win 10-32 FCU dllhost.exe / sbiedll.dll initialization fail.

    • Fixed crash in Windows 10 FR Build 17035 and added support for FR up to 17101.

    • Fixed BSOD with Print2Flash install.

    • Fixed Office 2013-C2R failure to start.

    • Source code updated to Visual Studio 2015.

    • Added support for Firefox Favicons (Right-click on your Sandbox --> Sandbox Settings--> Applications ---> Web Browser ---> Firefox --> Allow direct access to Firefox bookmark and history database).

    • Addressed an issue in which Opera 51/Chrome v64 dev/Canary were crashing when Sandboxed [viewtopic.php?p=130933#p130933]

    • For x86 systems --> If you encounter "SBIE2335 Initialization failed for process Start.exe [11 / 87]" after creating a new Sandbox/installing this beta, please allow 30 seconds to go by, then re-try the action. This is being investigated.
    Sandboxie - Download Sandboxie
    Sandboxie - All Versions

    Note: If you are using W10, for better compatibility between Sandboxie and tomorrows Windows updates, do the update to 5.24 before updating Windows. During the weekend I had a PM conversation with the Sandboxie Lead developer who told me that "MS has been holding back (blocking) those Win 10 KB's that break Sandboxie on machines that have Sandboxie installed. They are going to remove those blocks on Tuesday's updates. So people using Win 10 that don't upgrade to 5.24 will BSOD when they install the MS updates."

    Personally, I haven't had any issue in my W10 ever, no BSOD or noticed my W10 not being offered updates when they are expected. I am keeping track of all W10 updates and there's only one that I know of that I did not get as soon as it became available, it was one of the Servicing Stack released since July when I got the computer, but eventually got it automatically. Other than that, only January's update I had to download the package to install it, but that was because at the time, I did not have the now required Registry key. I dont use AV but enable Windows defender for a few hours after Windows updates to maintain it properly, on January 17th, I enabled WD and now I have the key.

    But anyway, if you are using Sandboxie in W10, it behooves you to update the program to stable version 5.24, released today.

    bo elam, Apr 24, 2019

Sandboxie 5.30 has been released

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