Windows 10: Save As Dialogue Box is NOT RESPONDING

Discus and support Save As Dialogue Box is NOT RESPONDING in Windows 10 Network and Sharing to solve the problem; Whenever I try to save a file from whatsapp app or try to upload any type of documents on Chrome, the dialogue box opens and shows not responding error... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Network and Sharing' started by Abhishek Bawa, Mar 2, 2020.

  1. Save As Dialogue Box is NOT RESPONDING

    Whenever I try to save a file from whatsapp app or try to upload any type of documents on Chrome, the dialogue box opens and shows not responding error every time. I didnt have any idea regarding this issue. I tried to restart, shut down and searched internet for this issue, but nothing helps. I think, its a bug in windows 10 as some other users have also posted the same issue. Can you please help me in overcoming this issue or fix this in upcoming update as soon as possible.

    Abhishek Bawa, Mar 2, 2020
  2. archz2 Win User

    Save-As dialogue box freezes

    No, I don't have any mapped drives. My pc is all alone. File Explorer works flawlessly. Its just the save as dialogue box which is causing trouble.
    archz2, Mar 2, 2020
  3. Dialogue box duration


    For us to narrow down your concern with the dialogue boxes and notifications that are quickly disappearing, we would like to know the following:

    • Is this the first time you experienced the issue?
    • Were there any changes made on your computer prior to the issue (e.g., updates, software installation)?
    • To make sure that we have not missed on anything, what troubleshooting steps have you done so far to resolve this?

    We look forward to your response.
    Michael Gall, Mar 2, 2020
  4. Save As Dialogue Box is NOT RESPONDING

    No color management in print dialogue box

    Why is the critical step of removing all old printer drivers (Step 5) in the Printui dialogue the same as Step 6 right clicking the printer in Devices and Printers to delete it and restart PC?

    After you install the printer software in Print 8 you did a lot of other things with a Desktop app that are not in the list and unneeded. Why were these necessary instead of just selecting a .pdf document to print and trying it?

    The reason I ask is that I've suggested these steps countless times and they have always worked if only they are followed, not adding a bunch of steps at the end.

    I hope this helps.
    Greg Carmack - Windows MVP, Mar 2, 2020

Save As Dialogue Box is NOT RESPONDING

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