Windows 10: Scared by W10 strange behavior

Discus and support Scared by W10 strange behavior in Windows 10 Installation and Upgrade to solve the problem; Hi! Decided to ask. After some struggle with w10 10122 - I decided to “clean” install w10 10130. On my MSI CR61 3M it turned out impossible to do... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Installation and Upgrade' started by W10 on MSI, Jul 1, 2015.

  1. Scared by W10 strange behavior


    Decided to ask.
    After some struggle with w10 10122 - I decided to “clean” install w10 10130.
    On my MSI CR61 3M it turned out impossible to do so from USB ISO.
    Had experiments with w7 - too no success.
    To revive that laptop I installed W10 10130 on MSI’ s disk using another computer.
    And to my great surprise - it worked!
    And I get (from “cloud”) even my desktop’s wallpaper.

    But then..

    I was prompted to create PIN code (with text that password is thing of past..), and that was fine.

    Yesterday I decided to get W 10159; but then realized that my update setting was changed from
    ”fast” to “slow”. Ok. Change it back.
    Not so wonderful - windows icon on taskbar (left corner) appeared to be inactive.
    (say, grayed out) with working right click options. So - was not possible to get to
    insiders hub.

    Today , after series of attempts finally build 10159 is here. BUT-.
    Now - PIN code disappeared; instead I entered my password. Fine.
    In notifications - I get yellow triangle with text :

    “Verify your identity on this PC
    your saved credentials for apps, websites, and networks won’t sync until you
    verify your identity on this PC”.

    Weird. I entered my password that is - my Windows account password.

    Attempt to activate something - this message stand for - brought me
    effectively option to verify - and immediately was closed over with
    big, black window. Attempt to disable of that black window
    (that had “cross” - upper right corner) just crushed shell -
    with eventual recovery.

    So - Question:
    How can I verify my identity? (There are my telephone number with my account;
    if what - someone can send me message.. ) [I have not any saved credentials etc... ]
    The same time - I now “windows” icon is “alive”; and feedback tool works.
    Any explanation of events mentioned would be appreciated..

    About Windows.
    My humble needs to read from websites and to listen ICEcast are satisfied.
    Still I wonder about large amount of RAM consumed.. (system commit stays now on 1,9 GB)


    W10 on MSI, Jul 1, 2015

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    You may have scared it away. Scared by W10 strange behavior :)

    W10 seems to be less flaky than previous systems, but it still does strange things. However, this strange thing seems to have wandered away.
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    The discussion about mobile phones and radiation is already a few years ongoing.

    But that doesn't explain the behavior of my mobile phone.

    The random "micro wave" radiation which causes a lot of heat on the skin and drains the batteries in a few minutes is likely to be caused by a program.

    A program which seems to activate some frequenties which are not activated in normal use.
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Scared by W10 strange behavior

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