Windows 10: Screen gets jerky when I don't move my mouse

Discus and support Screen gets jerky when I don't move my mouse in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Recently there was an update from windows on windows 8. A problem came about when i realised that everytime i spectate in a game or watch some TV... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by domodomo95, Feb 14, 2016.

  1. Screen gets jerky when I don't move my mouse

    Recently there was an update from windows on windows 8. A problem came about when i realised that everytime i spectate in a game or watch some TV series, the graphics starts to lag and becomes jerky. I thought it may be a problem with OS so i upgraded it to windows 10, but the problem still exists, some help needed here :/

    domodomo95, Feb 14, 2016

  2. Windows 10 - Jerky Mouse Movement

    I've used 3 different mice. A Microsoft mouse currently, a Logitech mouse(both wireless) and a USB mouse all with the same jerkiness. Perhaps the driver made the difference. When I boot up the jerkiness isn't there; perhaps the lower HD used. after getting
    into game its ok for a while then jerkiness. I've read several articles where the jerkiness is caused with the mouse drivers Microsoft came out with causing jerkiness with HD monitors. This also is an issue with HD audio! Also this Microsoft update was
    used on OS back to windows 7 before dropping windows 7.
    denniskimsey, Feb 14, 2016
  3. nutmix Win User
    How to install drivers for Microsoft Wireless Mouse 1000

    currently, windows device manager, thankfully still present in windows 10, shows the microsoft mouse as "HD-compliant mouse". I.e. its a generic driver. As the mouse is not working properly (jerky, when you start moving the mouse left, the pointer initially
    goes right etc), even cleaned with a new mouse mat, something is wrong. Its as if the mouse has lower resoultion than the screen, so jumps several pixels when you move it the smallest amount. Compared with my razer wired mouse, its unusable, even for word
    as placement of the cursor is frustrating.

    Googling for "microsoft wireless mouse 1000 drivers" takes you to this page:

    Wireless Mouse 1000 | Device downloads | Microsoft Accessories

    Unfortunately, this page doesn't actually have any drivers.

    • It only has something called "Mouse and keyboard center".
    • this is an exe. It should be an msi installer.
    • There are no installation instructions.
    • When you try running the exe (after checking for viruses, as there is no signature or other way to verify it), it gives you an error message "requires elevation". It is worth noting that I am the machine administrator, and my logged in account has full
      administration rights.
    Probably, you need to right click on the file and run as administrator, but this also smacks of a virus, as even Microsoft would not release software this unusable. You can get better drivers, installation, support and manuals from $5 no name Chinese mice.

    I am sticking with the jerky mouse for now, and will replace it as soon as I get to the shops.

    Microsoft, please try harder.

    UPDATED 1: I tried the "control center" by "running as administrator". Although it shows the mouse as "Microsoft USB Dual receiver wireless mouse (mouse and keyboard center", its still unusablely jerky (no way to pick an exact pixel on the 1080p screen,
    making editing text hit and miss, and editing images impossible)
    nutmix, Feb 14, 2016
  4. Fafhrd Win User

    Screen gets jerky when I don't move my mouse

    Assuming all your drivers for your chipset, sound and graphics are the latest and up to date, and you also have a good internet connection, (a silly question in Singapore, I guess*Smile) is your power supply behaving properly?

    Are the drivers Microsoft versions or from Asrock or Nvidia?

    Are you using a browser to watch the video stream, or a dedicated app?

    Are your power management settings optimised for multimedia playing?

    Can you run, say, a live Linux disk and watch the same streamed programme without problems?

    If it comes down to the browser, try using a different one - as well as the 2 Microsoft offerings: Edge or IE11- there's a plethora of Chrome-based browsers, and Mozilla (Firefox) based ones that may work better.

    If you can get a dedicated app, it may work more smoothly.
    Fafhrd, Feb 14, 2016
  5. 1) Drivers are directly downloaded from nvidia website
    2) Chrome
    3) How do i check this?
    4) What's a Live Linux disk?
    5) It also happens as i'm typing this reply, and also on games like dota 2. When i'm spectating a game it becomes jerky halfway

    ** I've tried unplugging the existing razer mouse and tried another mouse with another port. Still does no work *Sad
    domodomo95, Feb 14, 2016
  6. No one can solve this?? *Sad
    domodomo95, Feb 15, 2016
  7. Fafhrd Win User
    Hi, dd95 I gather that the display is jerky in games and when using Chrome, and you use up-to-date Nvidia drivers. Are those just the graphics drivers, or do you have a Nvidia chipset too?

    I cannot tell from your specs what your system really is regarding anything but the mobo manufacturer Asrock, the graphics adapter GTX 970 and how much RAM (8GB) you have - and now that you have a razer mouse and an alternative one.

    You play dota and spectate games does this mean you watch sport online? and you use Chrome on Windows 10 without giving versions, editions, 32- or 64-bit, upgrade or retail?

    Help yourself by being specific here, and find out something about your system and share it with us. Then perhaps someone can give you an informed opinion, and please answer the questions asked of you fully if you want help.

    Google may help you find answers to your other questions like whats a live linux disk and how do I get one, and how you check things through settings or the control panel.

    Good luck!
    Fafhrd, Apr 4, 2018

Screen gets jerky when I don't move my mouse

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