Windows 10: scrolling issues among others

Discus and support scrolling issues among others in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; I have a Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10. When I bought it, it performed flawlessly. Now, after who knows how many updates, not so well. Frequently,... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by opal, Aug 11, 2016.

  1. opal Win User

    scrolling issues among others

    I have a Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10. When I bought it, it performed flawlessly. Now, after who knows how many updates, not so well.
    Frequently, scrolling rushes away from me as though I gave the touch screen the sharpest “flick” imaginable. This happens at least once every 5 minutes. And it’s not restricted to any one program. At other times, the screen simply freezes and won’t scroll at all. If I wait 10-15 seconds, this fixes itself. Sometimes the “x” box in the upper right corner of a window gets stuck. I click it, and nothing happens. This also fixes itself if I wait long enough.
    If I’ve recently started Microsoft Solitaire, pressing the “new game” button does nothing – at least nothing right away. Five or so seconds later, a new game will start. This delay happens for the first 30 seconds or so I'm using the sofdtware. After that, a new game starts immediately.
    Any thoughts on this? Any fixes?

  2. j_ben Win User

    Has anyone had a positive Ovi experience?

    those good apps and games lately that are found in ovi are the positive ones.

    the non-positives are among others the lack of "Search" option and very slow scrolling
    j_ben, Aug 11, 2016
  3. stodgers Win User
    Issues with Music playback, among other things...?

    I bought the Lumia 822 device for myself and my wife just under a month ago and am astonished at the number of issues. I had so mnay issues in my first two weeks that I returned my phone thinking a had a bad device. I didn't - my second handset has all the
    same problems:

    • Bluetooth
      • Crashes phone if turned on shortly after phone has been shut off without music being selected. Have to remove the battery while phone is on.
      • Stops operating momentarily when the phone lock screen is opened.
      • When connected music sometimes doesn't play immediately, you sometimes have to hit the pause/play button multiple times.
      • Takes multiple attempts to connect.
    • WMA files that are ripped from WMP or Zune software (vs. downloaded from Zune) don't play correctly and 'skip'
    • Some albums, when you press play from the album screen, will skip the first song, then play the rest of the album - the entire album was ripped from CD
    • Some songs on some albums 'freeze' and will not play. Sometimes you can skip forward and then back and they will play, other song will not play period. Ripped from CD usually in MP3 format.
    • Many files downloaded through Zune, and playable via Zune (desktop and WP7 handset), will not play on phone, period. Yeah, I know...
    • xBox Music links to Store often don't work; talking about the links from the artist screen in the Music app.
    • The keyboard freezes while typing and misses letters or even entire words, mostly when texting, though also in emails. All background apps are off.
    • Emails sometimes won't come in when connected to LTE or even wi-fi. Have to shut down the phone and sometimes remove the battery.
    • Messaging
      • Sometimes texts come in and the phone crashes during receipt, then when the phone turns back on the texts are gone (I've confirmed they were sent by looking at the other person's phone).
      • Pictures sent by text often can't be opened at the other end.
    • NFC doesn't work in many instances where the receiving phone is proximate.

    And these are just the ones I've been able to note while using the phone in the first month. So I take it in to Verizon in Billings and explain just the Bluetooth and Email issues. The tech takes my phone and comes back in ten minutes to say "there will
    be a software update in June that will fix all of these issues". Since I told him only two of the above, I think his statement was a reach at best. But his closing was the clincher: "since it is a software issue there is nothing we can do for you". So that
    'reach' statement was just an excuse to brush me off. Could this be a SIM card issue?
    stodgers, Aug 11, 2016

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