Windows 10: Search and Save Problems

Discus and support Search and Save Problems in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; I'm not tech savvy nor do I pretend to understand much of the content in this forum; however, I'm trying really hard to like Windows 10 (Edge) and... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by Vicky, Aug 19, 2015.

  1. Vicky Win User

    Search and Save Problems

    I'm not tech savvy nor do I pretend to understand much of the content in this forum; however, I'm trying really hard to like Windows 10 (Edge) and think I'm missing something. I came from Win7 and have spent the last three days using Windows 10. I do a lot of research and loved the fact I could highlight a word or phrase, RC on search "Google" and have instant results. In addition, if I wanted to save something to the desktop....RC and save to desktop...very simple. Am I correct in thinking I now need several convoluted steps to get the same things done if I can do them at all? I know I can use a different search engine and get the job done but Edge is reputed to be faster. Sparing me technical explanations...why change what worked so well for so many people? Will these options be available with Edge in the future? Please let me know if I'm totally missing something here.


    Vicky, Aug 19, 2015

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    Cannot get start menu to pop up. Worked till yesterday, now won't. Turned off computer and back on - still won't work
    problems-problems, Aug 19, 2015
  3. JediSQL Win User
    How Do I Use a Windows Explorer Saved Search?

    OK, I found the problem. The problem is that Windows 10.1511 does not properly store this search argument:

    *{*} (asterisk, left brace, asterisk, right brace).

    I tried all sorts of things, and it seems that when a search argument contains a left brace, {, the Saved Search fails. Just my luck that the very first search argument that I ever tried to save as a Saved Search is one that Windows glitches on. The search
    argument works correctly when first entered, it just doesn't save properly.

    I found a Windows 7 "Advanced tips for searching in Windows" article*. I was looking to see whether braces were special characters for search. That page did not indicate that braces are special characters. However, it provided the info that allowed me
    to rephrase my search argument as:

    System.FileName:~="{" AND System.FileName:~="}"

    When I searched with that and saved the search, the Saved Search then worked.


    Moderator, please mark this as the answer.
    JediSQL, Aug 19, 2015
  4. Bazz Win User

    Search and Save Problems

    If you prefer Internet Explorer you can find it in all apps-Windows Accessories.

Search and Save Problems

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