Windows 10: second ssd dissappears

Discus and support second ssd dissappears in Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware to solve the problem; The second SSD M.2 will disappear randomly after using the DELL XPS 15. It comes up fine and after about an hour maybe haven't timed it it will just go... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware' started by JustinSchreurs, Aug 15, 2020.

  1. second ssd dissappears

    The second SSD M.2 will disappear randomly after using the DELL XPS 15. It comes up fine and after about an hour maybe haven't timed it it will just go away. I swapped SSDs with another and same thing. This has only started happening in the last couple days since the last update. What could be in that update that causes this? There was a grip of ones installed but here are likely culprits....


    Intel - System

    Intel Corp System - 1.0.1287.0

    Intel System -

    Dell Firmware -

    Dell - Extrension -

    JustinSchreurs, Aug 15, 2020
  2. X-PhilS Win User

    Z Book BSOD with Second SSD Drive

    Hi all

    I have an issue with an HP Z Book. It is a new Generation 6 device and came with a pre-installed second SSD drive.

    All worked fine until I tried to put our corporate image onto the primary OS SSD.

    Firstly, the new OS installed onto the secondary SSD rather than the primary.

    So I disconnected/removed the secondary, recreated the partition on the primary and loaded our stock OS.

    The machine now works absolutely fine, as long as I do not try to re-introduce the second SSD drive.

    If I reinstall this, the machine boots up OK for a second or two and then BSOD's.

    Can anyone suggest the reason for this issue - the BSOD message reported a kernel error.

    Any ideas on steps to take to resolve this?


    X-PhilS, Aug 15, 2020
  3. rtwjunkie Win User
    geforce experience takes an age to load..

    Well that's why I asked. Mine is on SSD and takes 11 seconds. Your list of games will not appear if it has not checkd for updated suggested settings for awhile until it checks.

    When it says it is refreshing the game list, it is checking, because NVIDIA periodically updates suggested settings. Plus it will look for those for new games you have installed.

    So, the less it is run, the slower it will be.
    rtwjunkie, Aug 15, 2020
  4. BillyCobb Win User

    second ssd dissappears

    Adding second SSD to desktop as first SSD is full

    A $12-15 sata to usb cable would be a quick, cheap solution.

    A $20 - 30 external drive housing would be a step up.

    Either would be a workable solution IF you can live with the usb3.0 transfer rates ... you did say it was a temporary solution for data storage.

    BillyCobb, Aug 15, 2020

second ssd dissappears

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