Windows 10: Secondary monitor display turns off automatically

Discus and support Secondary monitor display turns off automatically in Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware to solve the problem; I have a Dell laptop with 2 extra monitors. Everything has worked fine for a couple years and noticed about a month ago, I will be working along and... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware' started by PaulHamann, Dec 6, 2018.

  1. Secondary monitor display turns off automatically

    I have a Dell laptop with 2 extra monitors. Everything has worked fine for a couple years and noticed about a month ago, I will be working along and everything looks up for about a second and my extra 2 displays go dark and anything on them has moved over to my laptop screen. After everything refreshes (a couple seconds) I can then move my applications or programs back to there original monitor location. Any thoughts? Thanks.

    ***Original title: Multiple Monitor Issues***

    PaulHamann, Dec 6, 2018

  2. Setting Up A Older Secondary Monitor

    ok decided to reopen in the hopes someone might have a solution for a new issues i noticed. when i do a restart the secondary monitor takes over, and not until windows is about to go to the desktop does the secondary monitor turn off and the primary display turn on. i would think there is some way to make the default monitor stay on during a reboot. any suggestion would be great. thanks

    main monitor dvi to hdmi on video card
    secondary monitor dvi to dvi
    xXWhackerXx, Dec 7, 2018
  3. Mark Ole Win User
    Second monitor doesn't always display?

    Hi Erik,

    A secondary display may not resume after sleep due to some issues with the graphics driver or issue with the monitor's video cable. We suggest that you download and update the graphics driver by going to the laptop's manufacturer's support site.

    You may also try to replace the monitor's video cable and see if resolves the issue. As we checked the specifications of your monitor, it turns out that it has a DVI-D and VGA ports. You may check your monitor's manual or visit the manufacturer's support
    site to get more information.

    Let us how it goes after performing the suggested troubleshooting steps.
    Mark Ole, Dec 7, 2018
  4. Ajhmain Win User

    Secondary monitor display turns off automatically

    The taskbar locked to bottom of secondary monitor moves to the primary monitor whenever primary monitor is switched on.

    See the title.

    I have the taskbar locked at the bottom of the secondary monitor so the primary monitor is completely empty for watching movies, games TV etc.

    Whenever I turn the primary monitor on, the taskbar immediately jumps from the bottom of the seconday monitor over to the bottom of the primary monitor. I then need to untick the 'Locked' option on the taskbar, drag it back to the secondary and tick 'Locked'

    The taskbar disrupts desktop icons on the primary and any application running on the primary monitor at the time and quite frustrating.

    Primary monitor is an Asus PB328, connected via Display Port to the PC.

    Secondary monitor is a Samsung 24 connected via DVI to the PC.

    I expect the taskbar to remain where I place it when locked, regardless of monitors been switched on or off.

    The sequence of turning on the primary and secondary monitors has no impact. As soon as the primary monitor (Asus on DP) is turned on, the locked taskbar moves to the primary display, regardless of whether the Samsung is on or not.
    Ajhmain, Dec 7, 2018

Secondary monitor display turns off automatically

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