Windows 10: share gaming tweaks and chec my comprehensive list will blow your mind

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  1. empleat Win User

    share gaming tweaks and chec my comprehensive list will blow your mind

    hello i don't play games anymore, at least much, because it is pointless.
    I want to share my comprehensive list of tweaks, you don't have to be afraid, that it will damage something, if it would i would let you know and always backup your system, for example aomei backupper is fine.
    Make one change per time for some more important tweaks, so you know if it helped, or not and if you like that change.
    Especially if you are new to gaming, this will save you a lot of time and trouble!
    About me: i was obsessed with input lag, i played starcraft 2 in masters league and cs go in supreme master class, because software devs are incompetent and without tweaks, games are just not playable... I can discern 6 ms input lag, on blur busters forum there is utility, can't find it anymore.
    Always read, there are great guides, on steam, and 3dguru.
    Why i am doing this guide ? From boredom.

    Table of Contents:
    1.Monitor setting
    2.Nvidia control panel
    3.Bios setting
    5.Windows services
    8.Network card
    9.In game setting

    1.Monitor setting

    -if your monitor has sharpness setting, you should put that to 0%, it adds lag
    -make sure to disable ddc/ci add input lag aswell(if you don't need it for anything)
    -use display port, it has smoother move imho, but dvi seems faster, test yourself

    2.Nvidia drivers and Control Panel

    -always use 1 pre-rendered frame, adding 1 pre-rendered frame, increases input lag about 1 frame depends on your monitor refresh rate and fps
    -see for each setting what it does and choose by your preference
    -never use vsync, hope you know it, some people play with it...
    -even G-Sync adds lag, if you have 144 monitor and reach 144+ fps it turns off anyways, because there is no point to it and it adds lag
    -never use under adjust desktop size and position fullscreen, it adds extreme amount of lag, and also use monitor scalling instead of gpu, if you don't have gpu as option, there was some workaround and something with utility to access how it calls that file which lists windows available resolutions for your monitor edid i think
    -if you have decent cpu, switch physics to cpu, gpu resources can be freed for more fps
    -download nvidia inspector and select game, google for frame rate limiter mode, for some games like pubg it helped with input lag and also disable dpi scalling under game's compability tab

    3.Bios setting

    -update your bios blablabla
    -disable everything you don't need
    -check your temperatures, buy decent cooler, disable all c states, which throttles your cpu and eith and thermal throttling, you have to research based, on what you find in bios under your cpu, never use turbo !
    -this guy provides a lot of useful changes to bios, which reduce input lag:
    -btw even ram reduce input lag, you can try overlock them and reduce cl latencies, it shoudn't damage your ram, only cause instability, even corrupt ram, but i am not so sure, myself had problem with corrupter ram, after doing that, don't do that if you don't know what you are doing

    control panel/system/advanced setting/performance:
    Disable every feature you can see hear, these options adds so much lag, except smooth windows fonts edges
    -i have utility clear type switch, to disable quickly clear type when playing, it would be possible to make some script and activate it by hotkey, or more advanced in c++ to detect when application running
    -timer resolution utility, decreases input lag, windows should be already set for 0.5 ms not sure and there was some article, that you shouldn't force it upon applications and let them choose, however it can reduce input lag greatly
    -disable dynamic tick, it makes your mouse accelerate like enhance pointer precision
    -if you have 16 cores, you can select cores, which will mage interrupts and select affinity for you game on cores dpc free
    it calls Interrupt_Affinity_Policy_Tool, however there is something you have to lookup in registry and counter-intuitive, i didn't do that myself i don't have enough cores to reserve specific for dpc only
    -this one is important in regedit under Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Mouse for SmoothMouseXCurve and SmoothMouseYCurve delete all entries and it will show zero-lenght binary value, this is from intelimouse times, when mice have only 400 dpi and you have to use software sensitivity, which creates pixel skipping and mouse cursor jumping, so smoothing was important to smooth mouse movement, however in today times it only induces lag, you can find default values under HKEY_USERS to change it back if you don't like it, but it takes while to adapt to it and than you profit!
    -go to device manager and under hid-compliant mouse and keyboard double click and disable use this device to wake up compute
    -POWER MANAGEMENT: you should use ultimate gaming performance for lowest input lag, however make sure your cpu is not overheating first! Go to cmd run as admin and paste:"powercfg -attributes SUB_PROCESSOR 5d76a2ca-e8c0-402f-a133-2158492d58ad -ATTRIB_HIDE"
    than in power options under ultimate gaming performance appear new option disable idle saver, this will keep your cpu constantly at 100% in c0 state, only use if you have low enough temperature, find on intel your maximum allowed temperature
    -also under ultimate performance profile, set under usb setting disable power savings, otherwise everything from default is fine here, maybe turn disk after x minutes set to 0
    -also download process lasso, but make sure you are in mood to set ip, you can select when to activate ultimate perfomance mode and when you are in windows pc can be in power saving or what ever, means it switch on/off after specific application is launched, i guess some c++ program, or script could do same, but it takes some work
    -also cpu park utility from same company is usefull, if you run cpu in constantly c0 state, it is not needed, not sure, but i think so, you can check if you cpu being parked in performance manager, or this utility

    5.Windows services

    -disable what you can( for what you can safely disable), services which cause literally input lag are hid and dwm, but unfortunately you can't turn off dwm in windows 10, it cause tremendous amount of lag, on superuser someone find way how to do it, but it haven't work with every version of drivers and it is pain to do it everytime


    -use top usb 2 ports for mouse and keyboard
    -disable usb3, if you can't live without it
    -install latencymon - usb drivers doesn't support msi-x multicore support for handling isr and dpc interrupts and cause a lot of dpc interrupts, someone fixed it by disabling something in bios, or changing usb ports
    -download msi util and select gpu, network card should be selected and select sound drivers, carefull, i have 2 here and if you select wrong one, you won't boot up, check id which it says in bottom and than find you sound card in device manager
    -never use pci-e cards, tremendous amount of input lag, if you don't mind of course, like pci-e ssd
    -disable hd audio in sound tab in control panel, use sampling 44100hz, more adds input lag!!! don't forget to check when you select your speakers in menu and click configure, than in setup select left and right for full spectrum sound!!!


    -never use realtek audio drivers, holly lag !!!
    -also sata drivers may cause lag, but you will experience very slow copying speed
    -intel engine management, or how it calls, omg laaaaaag *Banghead
    -if you have razer mouse: never install razer synapse, if you uninstalled and experience lag, check this:Razer Insider | Forum - input lag persist after razer synapse uninstallation
    use autohotkey, or program for macros, but autohotkey can be like for very advanced users and even than, there is not maybe solution to some things, some razer mice, will remember their setting after driver uninstallation, razer deathadder elite surprisingly not, when chroma i think did
    -if you have logitech mouse, logitech drivers are fine, but check you have smoothing off

    8.Network card

    -disable power saving
    -navigate to for comprehensive guide

    9.In game setting
    -if there is resolution scaling, use 99%, it doesn't degrade quality that much and it lowers input lag
    -always put everything to lowest possible setting, especially anti-aliasing adds a lot of lag and ambient occlusion, you can find usually balance between performance and quality, or to prefer maximum perfomance
    -never change mouse sensitivity from 1.00 it interpolates data and pixel skipping occurs and can create lag
    -don't use raw input in all games, in some games it induce smoothing like csgo and if you don't have acceleration, there is not need, however it may add input lag, because data travels through windows and not straight from mouse
    -if you play old games check MarkC_Windows_8+7_MouseAccelFix, however it will change smoothing curve in registry and it adds lag, it is only meant for oldschool games like broodwar, cs 1.6, it contains registry for restoring it to default

    I will certainly recall more, so check it later again maybe, but it this is like 90% i know i guess.

    empleat, Sep 6, 2018
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share gaming tweaks and chec my comprehensive list will blow your mind

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