Windows 10: Sharing a single folder gives complete access to C:\Users

Discus and support Sharing a single folder gives complete access to C:\Users in Windows 10 Network and Sharing to solve the problem; I have two computers on my network, a desktop and a laptop, both running Windows 10 1803. Attempting to share a single folder always forces the... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Network and Sharing' started by Christopher54, Sep 7, 2018.

  1. Sharing a single folder gives complete access to C:\Users

    I have two computers on my network, a desktop and a laptop, both running Windows 10 1803.

    Attempting to share a single folder always forces the entirety of C:\Users to be shared with the network. The other computer is able to access every folder and file contained within Users. This happens irrespective of which device I attempt to share from.

    Going into "properties > security" for my personal user folder, if access is only granted to 'SYSTEM', 'ADMINISTRATORS', and myself, the other computer still has complete access. Again, this is even if access is NOT given to 'Everyone' or 'Authenticated Users'.

    If I go into "Computer Management > Shared Folders > Shares" I can stop sharing the user folder, but that also stops sharing the original folder I wanted to share. If I attempt to share the original folder again, the problem repeats and the whole of C:\Users is shared.

    ***I am very frustrated. I tried calling customer support, the person clearly had difficulty with English as their only response was "yes, network sharing does allow you to share files and folders across computers on your network". After a few more attempts to explain my problem they tried getting me to pay 100 bucks to sign up to a service so they can send a technician to my house as they had no idea what I was saying.

    I would like to share some folders and files, but not others, with computers on the network. I do not want to give complete access to all user folders.

    Christopher54, Sep 7, 2018

  2. Network Sharing of a Folder Inside User Folder

    Hi, I have three computers that I share with inside my network (as shown when opening file explorer). It works fine but every time I try to share a folder that's inside the user folder the other people on the network don't just see that folder they have
    complete access to every file inside the user folder. Anyone have a suggestion that allows people to only see that particular folder inside the user folder?

    For instance C:\Users\Rich\Pictures is the folder I want to share on the network but when I share the others see the whole C:\Users not just the pictures folder.

    Rich Rockwood, Sep 7, 2018
  3. DTG1 Win User
    Cannot access shared network drive

    Personally, I wouldnt use Everyone. If anyone hacks into you, they have full access to everything and can demolish everything on your raid. I would rather set up accounts and access separately for each person. That way, I know who did all that damage. In the end with a little extra work, I feel more secure by using Authenticated Users.

    If this helps.
    step 1 create non-microsoft account and without email and address without admin rights
    step 2 share a drive or folder to specific user account (if Everyone is listed, remove it)
    step 3 set security > add Authenticated Users (if more than 1 account) or add specific users
    step 3a remove Everyone from list
    step 3b uncheck full control and write for all items listed except SYSTEM and Admin account.
    step 4 right click Start > Computer Management > System Tools > Shared Folders > Shares ... to verify settings and change anything else. You can also see the number of connections to each share here.
    DTG1, Sep 7, 2018
  4. Sharing a single folder gives complete access to C:\Users

    Cant access my own "users" folder through network


    After joining the existing network, have you checked if others in the network are now able to access your device or the shared folder under your name? If they are still having issues accessing the shared folder, it could be due to improper folder
    Security settings. Check if you were able to give permission to every device in your network to read and write the particular folder. After granting sharing permission to everyone, make sure that the shared folder is accessible from any computer.
    Be guided by the steps below:

    Step 1: Give sharing permission to everyone

    • Right-click on the folder what you want to share.
    • In that folder’s Properties, select the Sharing tab and click on the
      Advanced Sharing button.
    • Put a check mark next to the Share this folder option.
    • Click on the Permission button.
    • Now give Everyone the full permission.

    Step 2: Make the shared folder accessible from any computer

    • Go back to the folder’s Properties window again, select the
      tab from the top menu and click on the Edit button.
    • Click on the Add button.
    • Click on the Advanced button to find the user name.
    • Click on the Find Now button to show the list of all available users.
    • Find the user name called Everyone from that list, select it and click
    • You’ll now see the username Everyone shown in the Users and Groups setting. Click
      OK to add this user in the main security list.
    • Click on the Everyone, put a check mark next to the
      Full control
      option, and click Apply.

    Keep us updated with the results.
    Aileen Alf, Sep 7, 2018

Sharing a single folder gives complete access to C:\Users

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