Windows 10: Should I or Shouldn't I

Discus and support Should I or Shouldn't I in Windows 10 Installation and Upgrade to solve the problem; I have been hearing alot on privacy issues within windows 10 and that microsoft has the ability to remove software from your computer if it has... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Installation and Upgrade' started by MustangDriver, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. Should I or Shouldn't I

    I have been hearing alot on privacy issues within windows 10 and that microsoft has the ability to remove software from your computer if it has detected an invalid license and such. i keep getting the icon telling me not to miss my chance to upgrade to windows 10 but at the moment i am quite content with windows 7 as i don't seem to have issues with it at the moment and my motto is if it ain't broke don't look for trouble installing unfamiliar software... i have gone to the point of origin Microsoft and told them my concerns but they don't seem to want to answer my concerns or questions and that given the 30 days to roll back to previous version doesn't sit well as i will lose my pre-installed licensed copy of windows 7 home which i don't want to get rid of but i have read that once win10 is installed it does something to the windows genuine key and invalidates it so you can't roll back, i had windows 8.1 on my laptop but i woke up one morning to windows 10 installing and for some reason it deleted my factory recovery partition and i couldn't roll back as i didn't have the option.

    1) So after i just re-formatted my computer got it running somewhat normal Microsoft again pulls the rug out from under us with another version of a somewhat buggy version of windows. i had finally grown accustomed to windows 7 and got the chance to use windows 8.1 that took me all of 1 day to remove and put windows 7 back in and now i get windows 10 with no option to revert back to windows 7....ARRRGGGG..... i know we all have to advance in life and upgrades are a way of life but to have something thrown at us because it's free doesn't make it any better to me this is MICROSOFTS way of controlling our computers with a worldwide VIRUS and no way of exterminating it.........

    Microsoft responded with "You don't have to rush to do the upgrade"

    2)well i find that response to be a load of manure that microsoft is feeding everyone..... due to the fact everytime i either restart or turn on my pc it keeps telling me that my upgrade is ready and that i should upgrade........NONONONONONO....... i am really considering going back to 8.1 on the laptop so far windows 10 does NOTHING for me i use it only because the laptop upgraded when i was sleeping... so either way microsoft can force the upgrade which is why i turn my computer off now and if it says applying updates i just pull the plug i refuse to let a big corporation take control of my computer and from what i have been reading they are able to uninstall software from there end if they suspect illegal software... i think its time to have a lawyer look over their pushy update policy..........i have told it not to update but it still insists so you tell me how to avoid the update if your so smart.........and all i really do is email,facebook and craigslist ..... i can do that on a dos and win3.11 machine... oh oh oh oh i just found a sealed copy of vista ultimate maybe i would be better off with that....... i HATE change....... leave it alone

    Microsoft "NO RESPONSE"

    3)I still despise 8.1 i never liked it when i had the beta and i refused to adopt it, i Installed 8.1 then just as fast it came out i just couldn't get the family adjusted to it it took long enough to get them used to windows 7 now i have to teach them how to use something i don't even like and i have 8.1 on my new laptop and i find it just as useless as it was when i initially tried it out. is there a way to just not update to windows 10 so i can stay with my windows 7 for once i actually like an operating system, them Big Brother wants everyone on the same setup so they can monitor what we download and can control what we do.....

    Microsoft again "NO RESPONSE"

    so to me this is just a way on getting everyone to conform to their system so they can spy on everyone and control content even going so far as to put malware on all our systems that goes undetected which in turn targets our online browsing habits to target sales for companies....

    I know i am new but i have been watching from the sidelines for quite sometime and when you ask the makers of an os what you can expect and all you get is dead air it kind of makes you think

    MustangDriver, Nov 25, 2015

  2. HELP...should I or shouldn't I? WIndows 10 upgrade

    You should not lose anything, but in reality some people have. That said, you don't backup your precious data on a regular basis? Data loss can occur at any time for many reasons. I upgraded two machines with no data loss at all, but
    I did backup just in case.

    I find it hard to believe it would take weeks for you to backup, but in the meantime I suggest you cancel the upgrade to be safe.

    Using GWX Control Panel to Permanently Remove the Get Windows 10 Icon

    Ultimate Outsider: Using GWX Control Panel to Permanently Remove the 'Get Windows 10' Icon
    Bruce Hagen, Nov 25, 2015
  3. HairyFool Win User
    HELP...should I or shouldn't I? WIndows 10 upgrade

    The posts you read on here and elsewhere of people having problems are only a minute percentage of those carrying out the upgrade, those that succeed in general do not post so you don't see them.

    Nobody can give a cast iron guarantee but the probability is it will work as intended but your dilemma highlights a more fundamental issue you have.

    Possibly hyperbole but if it would take weeks to back up for a planned upgrade what on earth would you do if the computer actually failed? It is good that you have even considered that the upgrade may have problems (few do) but why ONLY the upgrade. Disks
    fail, motherboards fail, memory fails, I have had a PSU fail that took out all three. About the only component I have never seen fail is a CPU although that would be included with a computer theft.
    HairyFool, Nov 25, 2015
  4. pparks1 Win User

    Should I or Shouldn't I

    I'm on Windows 10 and I like most things about it. I still use a 3rd party start menu, but I like the razor thin windows, and I like the additional functionality of the command prompt. It hasn't crashed on me at all yet. All of my stuff is working fine. I'm happy that the charms bar is gone. I like the Notification area. Overall, I find 10 to be pretty solid.

    But you have until next July, so no rush.
    pparks1, Nov 25, 2015
  5. spapakons Win User
    If you want to get rid of the message to upgrade to Windows 10, then go at Windows Update, search for updates and when presented with the list, uncheck the "Get Windows 10 (GWX)" update and check the hide this update box. It should not bother you again. Before Windows 10 debut there where rumors that any illegal application would deactivate and you could not use it. I didn't read anything about it would uninstall automatically. This is not true. And as you can suspect the rumors are wrong as well. Cannot say more, I think you get the point. As for look and feel, you can fully customize Windows 8 and 10 to make it look and feel as close to Windows 7 as possible. Have a look at my posts at the customization section.
    spapakons, Nov 25, 2015
  6. CountMike New Member
    Even if it did deactivate illegal SW/games, easy fix, don't use them.
    CountMike, Nov 25, 2015
  7. Ztruker Win User
    Ztruker, Nov 25, 2015
  8. spapakons Win User

    Should I or Shouldn't I

    Or you can just ignore the GWX icon and never click on it. When running Windows Updates there should be an option to install Windows 10 "later" and see the other updates.
    spapakons, Nov 25, 2015
  9. Mystere Win User
    I'm sorry, but your message is a confused and garbled mess. You contradict yourself all over, and don't have any real questions to ask.

    First you say you have windows 7, that whenever you boot up it tells you to upgrade, then you say how you have windows 10 and it upgraded without your permission, then you say you have Windows 8.. and are all over the place. You claim to have asked MS personally questions, but don't exactly say how you "asked them" (asking ms for official answers is something that requires contacting people authorized to make such answers, and that's not easy.. so your comments on this are also confusing).

    In addition, your message starts out with a bunch of tripe that is not accurate. MS doesn't do anything to your windows 7 key, you don't have 30 days to go back to windows 7. You only have 30 days to "rollback" and recover your previous installation. You can always make a backup and restore that backup whenever you want, or re-install Windows 7.

    The privacy arguments are also largely hyperbole as well.

    I would suggest you more clearly articulate your thoughts, and ask specific questions rather than ranting all over with no clear message.
    Mystere, Nov 25, 2015
  10. Also he mentioned lawyer
    Does he not think Microsoft has already consulted their Lawyers
    Also he makes one post to have his rant and has not logged on since.
    Also he has put about software being removed
    Well if he has illegal software then it should be removed.
    My software is genuine and it has not removed any of mine, so again his statement is false
    think he is a troll
    hTconeM9user, Nov 26, 2015
  11. spapakons Win User
    Rumors has it that Windows 10 detect illegal software and deactivate it. This in fact is Windows Defender blocking any suspicious tampered executable. No way software is uninstalled automatically without your consent. It is just made unusable by blocking the hacked executable. This should discourage users installing illegal software, not that there isn't a workaround, hackers will always find ways to do their stuff.
    spapakons, Nov 26, 2015
  12. Yes I think the OP is just trying to stir it up a bit hoping we will agree with him.
    hTconeM9user, Nov 26, 2015
  13. Should I or Shouldn't I

    Why would i stir things up...... just because i have my thoughts on Microsoft invading our privacy and you have yours why else would they want everyone running one system..... i have since started running my os (Knoppix) off DVD and there is no corruption in it and when i am done i take the DVD and nobody else can touch my computer as i have since pulled the HD's for windows and the dvd runs everything i need plus it comes with a ton of software pre-installed that microsoft pulled and if i need to play a movie i just use the br player in the computer....

    But heed my words once everyone is on the same level playing field things are going to change in a hurry my laptop has already crashed from the latest update from windows 10 and will be going to 7 as soon as i can bet a backup media for usb

    these are just my comments not here to stir it up but i have found a better system and a better way to manage my computers and it's free and windows 10 is BY microsofts words a work in progress it isn't complete
    MustangDriver, Nov 27, 2015
  14. BunnyJ New Member
    No OS is ever finished and given the OP you posted it did come across that you are/were here to stir things up.
    BunnyJ, Nov 27, 2015
  15. I use genuine software as well but the computer i have came with adobe Photoshop and illustrator and acad software i refuse to remove the software and i use it almost daily and like i said it came installed on my system i DIDN'T pay for it but the company that built the system installed it and like i say why look a gift horse in the mouth the software is registered in my company name.
    MustangDriver, Nov 27, 2015

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