Windows 10: show volume bar topmost

Discus and support show volume bar topmost in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; I want to display the volume control topMost so I can see the volume bar moving up and down . Is there a way or any app/download can do that? 139717 Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by LeonChan, Sep 2, 2019.

  1. LeonChan Win User

    show volume bar topmost

    I want to display the volume control topMost so I can see the volume bar moving up and down . Is there a way or any app/download can do that?

    LeonChan, Sep 2, 2019
  2. Tendows Win User

    Volume Mixer not showing muted app

    The application was muted on Windows 10 with November update. Now I am using Anniversary update, on build 14393.10

    The initial step did not help make Banished show up in the Volume Mixer, nor did the article.
    Tendows, Sep 2, 2019
  3. Windows 10 Volume bar missing


    Your concern regarding the missing volume bar when pressing the volume keys can be caused by a sudden change on your device configuration or corrupted/missing driver. To isolate your concern, we'd like to ask the following:

    • Which Windows build version is running on your device? Type
      winver in the search box and press Enter to help you identify.
    • Have you made any changes on your device prior to your concern?
    • What other troubleshooting steps have you performed to resolve your concern?

    Meanwhile, we suggest that you perform the steps provided on this support article on how to troubleshoot sound/audio
    problems in Windows. The article include steps on how to reinstall the audio driver to rule any adapter issues.

    We'll appreciate if you can send us an update.
    Darwin Dim, Sep 2, 2019
  4. SivaTata Win User

    show volume bar topmost

    Windows 10 Upgrade - Sticking Volume Slider pn Top left with full volume; Task bar windows not showing up; Jump list not showing

    Thank you for the reply. Let me reiterate a bit for further clarity.

    • The problem is with the Active Windows in the task bar when grouped. On hover on a group the small windows flicker and go away; they have to stay and when I click them they have to be restored; I should be able to close them also when I click 'X' which
      gets highlighted on mouse over.
    • I believe the problem is with the Windows 10 upgrade; the jump lists and this issue should be related to that.
    • Much bigger issue is the volume bar with 100% on the foreground of the screen as I cannot use volume as the driver is disabled to remove the annoying volume bar.
    However, I tried the solution and it does not help. The 'Always show icons....' setting shows the icons on the task bar which are otherwise grouped which is fine. My problem is with the open active windows on taskbar.
    SivaTata, Sep 2, 2019

show volume bar topmost

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