Windows 10: Sky Brodband Box Infections?

Discus and support Sky Brodband Box Infections? in AntiVirus, Firewalls and System Security to solve the problem; I have been using Sky Broadband Box for 3 Years now and over that Period of time, I have experienced some bad infections. Before I start off by... Discussion in 'AntiVirus, Firewalls and System Security' started by MSMPlayz, Dec 20, 2015.

  1. MSMPlayz Win User

    Sky Brodband Box Infections?

    I have been using Sky Broadband Box for 3 Years now and over that Period of time, I have experienced some bad infections. Before I start off by resseting my PC overnight, is it possible that my Sky Broadband Boz can be infected?

    MSMPlayz, Dec 20, 2015
  2. grschinon Win User

    Sky mobile app on N97

    I'll look at that when I get a bit of time. The Sky+ box isn't anywhere near a phone line (only the Sky box is - there are 2 boxes here) so it mught take some doing.
    grschinon, Dec 20, 2015
  3. blackbagz Win User
    Sky Mobile on N900

    Does anyone know if the Sky mobile application will be developed on the N900? very handy app particularly for those in the UK that had a sky box.
    blackbagz, Dec 20, 2015

Sky Brodband Box Infections?

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