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Discus and support Skype in Windows 10 Software and Apps to solve the problem; Hello My brother has both a smart phone an an iPad but is a total non tech. Is there any way we can Skype without his having an email address. We... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Software and Apps' started by maranna, Jan 2, 2016.

  1. maranna Win User


    My brother has both a smart phone an an iPad but is a total non tech.
    Is there any way we can Skype without his having an email address. We have tried to set up an email address but it is to no avail.

    maranna, Jan 2, 2016

  2. Skype

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    skype israel, Jan 2, 2016
  3. Andre Da Costa, Jan 2, 2016
  4. Almighty1 Win User


    Don't think so as it requires either an original Skype login or a Windows Live login which includes,,, to work.
    Almighty1, Jan 2, 2016
  5. maranna Win User
    My thinking too -thank you.
    maranna, Jan 2, 2016
  6. Almighty1 Win User
    I mean you can always use a temp email from just to create the account and then use it.
    Almighty1, Jan 2, 2016
  7. maranna Win User
    I am sorry I took your time. He is not one to create an email account. I did it for him once at his house but he let it expire due to not using it. We would use it more now as I convinced him to Skype. Gmail drops the account after a while.
    We live 900 miles apart so I cannot do it remotely as my PC recognizes me not him - correct?
    I would create an account for him but I don't think it can be done remotely- that way we could Skype. It is true that I cannot create his email remotely, right?
    maranna, Jan 2, 2016
  8. Almighty1 Win User


    No need to be sorry as there is nothing to apologize about. What matters is the account exists when he first starts using Skype just in case it sends a validation email but after that, it doesn't matter if the e-mail account exists any longer or not.

    Actually, you can create the account on your computer by doing the following:

    1) Logout of your email account and Skype
    2) Create the email account on your computer in the web browser
    3) Register for Skype using the new email account using Skype and make sure to validate if skype requires email verification
    4) Logon as him on Skype and then add your Skype by sending yourself a Skype request to your Skype
    5) logout from Skype
    6) login as yourself on Skype and accept his request
    7) logout after you see him added on your Skype
    8) login again to Skype as him and check to make sure you are on his Skype list
    9) logout of Skype
    10) You can now resume your email in the web browser and Skype by logging in as yourself

    The thing is you can only logon as one account at a time.
    Almighty1, Jan 2, 2016
  9. maranna Win User
    So he will have the account on his end too that I create and we can use Skype. I will have to use his email account as he won't or maybe he needs a push. He claims he cannot find it on his Ipad.
    I told him to look under mail for Gmail or whatever we choose.
    Thanx very much for the details and I'll give it a shot now. Your name is very humbling. *Wink
    maranna, Jan 3, 2016
  10. maranna Win User
    Hi again
    I created a gmail account for him. I registered him in Skype and it asked me to download so I did. When I click on Skype in my pc, my account comes up so it sounds good so far. He has a Gmail account which I used to register him in Skype and our accounts are not intermingled. I called my brother and he is ok with achieving the goal of a video call.
    I have been following your steps but at this point need help as I cannot sign in as him.

    What is the next step with his Ipad so he can get involved. Should he download Skype while we are on the land line so he can sign in and if any verification is necessary he will have the smart phone available?
    We don't know how to get a Gmail account icon on the Ipad so he can click on it to sign in to his account.

    If you have any questions, I will be glad to answer them for you and thank you for your continued cooperation.
    maranna, Jan 3, 2016
  11. Almighty1 Win User
    Hmm, you need to logout of your account first before you can login to his account. I mean you can really do it anyway you want since basically you are creating and testing to make sure the account works and then he can install it on his end at the same time or afterwards as you can login to multiple devices at the same time with Skype. I don't remember if there is a Gmail icon on the iOS iPhone/iPad devices or not, don't they have a GMail app?

    Gmail - email from Google on the App Store
    Almighty1, Jan 4, 2016
  12. maranna Win User
    We are working on it.
    It seems they promote Itunes which costs 9.99 a month to get that icon.
    I would think you can get that icon from the app store with the ipad and am going with that thinking.
    I see both accounts on my pc and can log into anyone so will do as you recomend and log out of mine before logging into his.
    The real problem seems to be registering him in Skype - it seems it knows my pc and my account even after I give them his information. I'll be working on that.
    I will let you know how this works out and thanks for helping.
    maranna, Jan 4, 2016
  13. Almighty1 Win User


    The Icon is only a link, Itunes is only needed to get things from the computer to the iPhone or iPad. If you use the Apple app store directly, it doesn't require itunes. On your PC, you should be able to logout of skype, just click on the Skype Menu and then Sign Out.
    Almighty1, Jan 5, 2016
  14. maranna Win User
    We are getting there. Thank you and I'll be in touch.
    maranna, Apr 5, 2018


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