Windows 10: So Disappointed I Can't Get Windows 10 To Install Properly

Discus and support So Disappointed I Can't Get Windows 10 To Install Properly in Windows 10 Installation and Upgrade to solve the problem; Hi Everyone, I'm tying this on my Acer Aspire 5100-3357 laptop that originally came with windows vista home premium 32-bit installed on it. I recently... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Installation and Upgrade' started by Davy49, Jul 3, 2016.

  1. Davy49 Win User

    So Disappointed I Can't Get Windows 10 To Install Properly

    Hi Everyone,
    I'm tying this on my Acer Aspire 5100-3357 laptop that originally came with windows vista home premium 32-bit installed on it. I recently purchased a authentic/genuine dvd disc that has windows 7 home premium edition w/sp1 on it, it's the 32-bit edition. It's already been 'legally' activated via microsoft. I've already tried once to install windows 10 home on this laptop via the 'upgrade' method, it finally finished but it too a VERY LONG time. It never did operate ran as slow as cold molasses. To make matters even worse...I was having so many issue's that I got frustrated and performed a reset this pc. Of course when I did so, I couldn't easily go back to windows 7. So I had to start from scratch, as I'm not one to give up easy..I'm wondering whether to try it again or just forget about it, I'm enclosing my computer spec's. so hopefully some other user's can share their opinion's. By the way, windows 7 runs GREAT !!

    OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium
    Version 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1 Build 7601
    Other OS Description Not Available
    OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation
    System Name -PC
    System Manufacturer Acer
    System Model Aspire 5100
    System Type X86-based PC
    Processor AMD Turion(tm) 64 Mobile Technology MK-36, 2000 Mhz, 1 Core(s), 1 Logical Processor(s)
    BIOS Version/Date Acer V3.13, 8/22/2008
    SMBIOS Version 2.4
    Windows Directory C:\Windows
    System Directory C:\Windows\system32
    Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume1
    Locale United States
    Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "6.1.7601.17514"
    User Name -PC\
    Time Zone Central Daylight Time
    Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 2.00 GB
    Total Physical Memory 1.75 GB
    Available Physical Memory 489 MB
    Total Virtual Memory 3.50 GB
    Available Virtual Memory 1.41 GB
    Page File Space 1.75 GB
    Page File C:\pagefile.sys

    Davy49, Jul 3, 2016

  2. iPod not recognized in iTunes for Windows

    I have tried for 2 hours to get the ipod nano to be usable on windows 10 to no avail! All it needs is a freeking driver that works. I can't believe windows 10 can't manage something so simple, windows 7 did! Disgusting, frustrating and disappointing!
    NitaMcCord, Jul 3, 2016
  3. BKR53 Win User
    Windows 10 Mail App not working

    Search bar not working, therefore can't get to the command prompt to run this fix. Very disappointed that half the apps on this newly installed Windows 10 are not working.
    BKR53, Jul 3, 2016
  4. Ztruker Win User

    So Disappointed I Can't Get Windows 10 To Install Properly

    Are you trying to install the latest Insider build or the released Threshold 2 10586 build?

    If the 10586 build then:
    Follow these instructions to do an upgrade: Windows 10 - Upgrade Installation
    If you prefer, follow these for a Clean install: Windows 10 - Clean Install

    Disconnect all external devices, use the built-in touchpad until the install is finished.
    Ztruker, Jul 3, 2016
  5. Davy49 Win User
    Hi Ztruker,
    I really think now that my older laptop just can't handle windows 10, I used to live in Jacksonville..have a wonderful holiday.
    Davy49, Jul 3, 2016
  6. Ztruker Win User
    Okay David. Take care.
    Ztruker, Jul 4, 2016
  7. Davy49 Win User
    To be honest, I'm still toying with the idea of trying to get windows 10 installed once again, only this time I'll perform a clean install and NOT an upgrade. Also, I would like to keep windows 7 intact, so I could just create a new partition on my C: drive and install windows 10 there..what do you think ?? If anyone else would care to offer a useful comment I'm all ear's.*Wink
    Davy49, Jul 4, 2016
  8. Ztruker Win User

    So Disappointed I Can't Get Windows 10 To Install Properly

    Any chance you can use a different hard drive all together? That would be the way I would go.

    Or use Macrium Reflect Free and do an image backup to an external hard drive. Then do a clean install, including deleting all partitions on the hard drive so when you start the install the entire drive is unallocated (raw). The installer will create the partitions it needs.
    Ztruker, Jul 4, 2016
  9. Chezler Win User
    I worked on an Acer laptop with an i3 cpu and 8gigs ram and 750 gig hard drive. From your info, yours looks older. Can't say for sure.
    I worked on it 6 different times over a 2 month period.
    It worked great with W7 (which is what it came with from the factory). I up graded it to W10 after visiting Acer's website to check on it's compatibility with 10. They showed it was good-to-go.
    Upgrade went easy, worked great for two days, so I took it back to the owner.
    3 days later I got a call saying it wouldn't boot. BSOD Did a clean install after checking with Acer again. Worked for ten minutes and BSOD. Drivers.
    Did another clean install and installed all new drivers. Reinstalled all her programing, and backed-up Docs and pics. Worked great for 3 days, so I took it back. She had it for 3 days and called me back. BSOD.
    By the time I had installed W10 six times, we were past the time period to revert to W7. (30 days)
    Called MS gave them the full system specs, serial #, part #, they had me on the phone for half an hour (25% of the time on hold) while they searched databases on different people's computers.
    Bottom line, computer not compatible.
    They were great to deal with, and had very pleasant conversation.
    They gave my a new activation code for W7 and all is good once again.
    Chezler, Jul 4, 2016
  10. simrick Win User
    I've got an older 32-bit Toshiba laptop with the same processor in it as yours. I clean installed W10 during the Tech Preview days, and have upgraded it ever since with new Insider builds. I have to say, it's a tad bit on the slow side compared to my i7 desktop, but it really does run W10 quite well.
    simrick, Jul 4, 2016
  11. Davy49 Win User
    Hi simrick,
    I'm addressing this to you..but I DID want to include the other user's in here that tried to help me..just to keep all of you informed, last night I created a new partition on my C: hard drive. I already had burnt a windows 10 ISO to a dvd..I let my computer reboot, and of course booted off the dvd disk. After the initial screen I received the 'Install Now' screen and of course I chose the newly created partition I created. I must say it installed MUCH quicker using this method. Once I got to the setting's page I chose the 'Express Install' option. I thought I was actually going to be able to run/dual boot windows 7 & windows 10. But once again windows 10 ran too slow for my I've already got rid of both windows 10 and the partition I had created. I've decided this laptop just doesn't like windows 10 like my newer Toshiba laptop does.
    David *cry
    Davy49, Jul 4, 2016
  12. simrick Win User
    Sorry to hear that - but at least you tried! *Smile
    simrick, Apr 4, 2018

So Disappointed I Can't Get Windows 10 To Install Properly

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