Windows 10: [SOLVED] "Education" vs. "Multiple Editions"

Discus and support [SOLVED] "Education" vs. "Multiple Editions" in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Windows 10 is now posted on Dreamspark for students, but there are two versions (see attachment)--an "Education" edition and a "Multiple Editions"... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by Vaindil, Jul 28, 2015.

  1. Vaindil Win User

    [SOLVED] "Education" vs. "Multiple Editions"

    Windows 10 is now posted on Dreamspark for students, but there are two versions (see attachment)--an "Education" edition and a "Multiple Editions" version. Does anyone know what the difference is between these?

    Vaindil, Jul 28, 2015
  2. musum Win User



    musum, Jul 28, 2015
  3. musum Win User

    i have installed windows xp sp2

    previously i was using windows media center i thought i might b facing this probs due to that but then i changed it to windows xp ! n moreover i have also shown to nokia service center executives but they were not having the latest updates available ......
    my pc suite is showing that new update version of firmware is available but i cudnt download it [SOLVED] "Education" vs. "Multiple Editions" :(

    oh gawd wat to do ? [SOLVED] "Education" vs. "Multiple Editions" :(

    i tried in another pc then again i got an error u need to have minimum 256 ram [SOLVED] "Education" vs. "Multiple Editions" :(

    please cant it b rectified ? there must b any solution to this probs please help me guyz

    god bless all of u thanx [SOLVED] "Education" vs. "Multiple Editions" :)
    musum, Jul 28, 2015
  4. [SOLVED] "Education" vs. "Multiple Editions"

    I would like to know it too!
    Hyrosion17, Jul 28, 2015
  5. star Win User
    According with MSDN portal (, the "Multiple Editions" does include Windows 10 Professional and Windows 10 Home.

    Hope it helps.
  6. Vaindil Win User
    I ended up downloading both and checking them with the following command: Code: dism /Get-WimInfo /WimFile:E:\sources\install.wim[/quote] star is correct, the "Multiple Editions" ISO contains 10 Home and 10 Pro, whereas the Education ISO is (obviously) just the Education edition.
    Vaindil, Jul 28, 2015
  7. TheOne320 Win User
    star is correct, the "Multiple Editions" ISO contains 10 Home and 10 Pro, whereas the Education ISO is (obviously) just the Education edition.[/quote] But you only get one key for the "Windows 10 Multiple Editions 32/64-bit", so can the key activate both home and pro?
    TheOne320, Jul 29, 2015
  8. Vaindil Win User

    [SOLVED] "Education" vs. "Multiple Editions"

    That I do not know. I would say it probably works on either, but that would be very abnormal for MS to do. I'm only going to activate the Education edition when I install tonight, but once I'm up and running I can spin up a couple VMs to check activation on each of the two editions. I'll report back afterward.
    Vaindil, Jul 29, 2015
  9. TheOne320 Win User
    Ok, I found out, that the key is for the Pro version.
    TheOne320, Jul 29, 2015
  10. Daevin Win User
    Be careful with that; apparently the EDU key you get from DreamSpark will expire when your college/university/institution sets your account status to graduate. Source: my boss at college.
    Daevin, Jul 29, 2015
  11. myworld Win User
    TheOne320 and Vaindil

    Did you both did CLEAN install using DreamSpark Multipal Edition Windows 10 Key (Format full hard drive and install fresh)
    you have to do UPGRADE first from Windows 7/8 to Windows 10 and Then you use the DreamSpark key to do clean install???

    I also got the multiple editions key but i do not want to do Upgrade. I want to do Fresh Clean Install.

    So please let me know how you used DreamSpack Key to install Windows 10.
    myworld, Jul 30, 2015
  12. TheOne320 Win User
    The Dreamspark versions always allow a clean install. The method you described is only needed because the free 7/8->10 upgrade does not give you a license key that can be activated separately.
    TheOne320, Jul 30, 2015
  13. myworld Win User

    [SOLVED] "Education" vs. "Multiple Editions"

    Thank you TheOne320Thank for clarifying this. So with Windows 10 DreamSpark key i can do the clean install and no need to go through upgrade process.

    One more question about DreamSpark key. Can i use this key to do multiple installation on 3 different computers? I have two laptops and a desktop so Can same key work on all 3 PCs and All of them can be activated?
    myworld, Jul 30, 2015
  14. TheOne320 Win User
    No, the key is only for one machine, but it is not bound to it, so later pc changes work. You can get more keys than one. Just "buy" the Windows 10 (Multiple Editions) in different languages. For example I "bought" it on English-US, English-UK and German. The key is not bound to a language, so you can use the three keys for one language.
    TheOne320, Jul 30, 2015
  15. myworld Win User
    I tried as you said to buy other language windows 10 but it is not allowing me to buy it. I think my school only allows One Key per product. It is saying i already order 1 Windows 10 so i can not longer order it more.

    [SOLVED] "Education" vs. "Multiple Editions" [​IMG]
    myworld, Jul 30, 2015

[SOLVED] "Education" vs. "Multiple Editions"

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