Windows 10: Solved - More NAS issues.

Discus and support Solved - More NAS issues. in Windows 10 Network and Sharing to solve the problem; I'm trying to set up a NAS to be accessible on a Windows 10 box. Looking around, I see I'm far from the only one having issues with this sort of thing.... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Network and Sharing' started by Rashkavar, Feb 16, 2016.

  1. Rashkavar Win User

    Solved - More NAS issues.

    I'm trying to set up a NAS to be accessible on a Windows 10 box. Looking around, I see I'm far from the only one having issues with this sort of thing.

    It's a new device (well, newly installed, anyway) - a D-Link DNS-320L that's hopefully going to be the backup device for all three of us. I'm running a Windows 7 computer, and aside from a slight issue getting it to format (stupid program times out at a seemingly random interval, so you just have to keep running the format until it works), everything worked fine. Then I moved on to my Dad's computer, which runs Windows 10.

    He looked for the NAS to set it up himself, but couldn't find it. I told him it was easy, went over to his computer to show him how to map a network drive and....there's no NAS in his Network locations. Everything else that should be there is - two laptops are missing at the moment, but that's because they're not in use.

    I'm entirely confident it's a Windows issue. Looking at the router CP, I can see it on the client list. Typing its IP into a browser takes me to its settings page, even on his computer. The connection works just fine on my it's clearly not the NAS or network that's the problem.

    It seems there isn't a way to tell Windows 10 to look at a specific IP address for a network device (correct?), otherwise I'd try setting it up that way. (If that worked, I'd have another rabbit hole in setting up the NAS with a static IP, but that's just a matter of delving into the documentation, but that's easy enough)

    Network discovery, sharing, encryption, etc, is on. It's set to demand a user account for stuff it's sharing, but that shouldn't have any effect on the NAS, just on shared files on the Windows 10 computer.

    I've left instructions for him to try rebooting (he leaves everything running, so I leave it to him to decide what needs to be saved and/or bookmarked.); from what I've found here, though, I'd be very surprised if that's all it needs.

    Anyone have any suggestions? I'm happy to provide any further settings info you need. (Keep in mind, I've stuck to Windows 7, so there are some navigational issues I might have if you just assume I know how to reach specific settings. They've made a lot of changes in 8 and 10 that I've never really dealt with.) (Oh, and speaking of Windows 8, I'll be setting the NAS up on an 8box at some point as well; should I expect similar challenges there, or is 8's network support more along the lines of 7's? (as in, actually functional))

    Rashkavar, Feb 16, 2016

  2. NAS server gone after W10 update april 13th 2016

    On april 13th 2016 W10 was automatically updated on my PC

    After completing update my NAS server (Medion MD 86407) didn't react any more: "This map is empty".

    And the NAS server showed a red led. Pointing to a failure.

    Until that update the NAS server worked fine , because I just had used my files on the NAS with my notebook (in our homegroup).

    I did restart the Nas server.

    Followed by a restart of the Provider modem.

    Next I did reset the NAS server.

    Each of all these steps without any result.

    What can I do to solve this problem?
    PaulBaijens, Feb 16, 2016

    Yes, i still have this issue and i dont know how to solve it.

    Maybe na update solve the áudio profiles and the blank icons on search bar

    BrunoSilva5, Feb 16, 2016
  4. philc43 Win User

    Solved - More NAS issues.

    Hello and welcome!

    W10 is having some issues with network detection and it seems to be related to a problem accessing the Master Browser on the network. Once another PC becomes the Master, the W10 PC can't access it. You could try and fix this by turning off all your computers, turning back on the W10 computer and waiting for it to be up and running. Then turn on the NAS and see if you can find it and set it up. Doing it this way should ensure the W10 PC is the Master Browser.
    philc43, Feb 16, 2016
  5. Rashkavar Win User
    OK.... *googles "Master Browser" concept*

    So, basically I have to shut down my computer (and possibly the NAS, depending on how the "election" goes.) Then go set his up, then turn mine back on. And I'll have to do that every time he wants to access the NAS. (It's a laptop, so goes to sleep when he closes the lid). Great. Good thing it's the only W10 computer on the network.

    Edit: It worked. The NAS is now being recognized. Thanks!

    Oddly, Explorer only wants to display it as a mapped network drive some of the time. Opening it using the normal shortcut doesn't work, but it's there if you open administrative tools then navigate to the rest of the computer. Weird. I mapped it as a network location instead; seems to function the same way, aside from the lack of a bar graph showing space usage.
    Rashkavar, Feb 16, 2016
  6. philc43 Win User
    Glad it worked for you and thanks for the feedback. It is a bit of a work around but I'm hopeful Microsoft will fix this in a future update. They are aware of the problem but some extra feedback would not hurt to remind them!

    Please mark solved as this alerts others to the solution.
    philc43, Feb 16, 2016
  7. linw Win User
    Yes samba shares are chaotic but you certainly can access devices using their IP address.

    Just enter the address into the Explorer address bar. You can add the address into the Quick access list as well.
  8. philc43 Win User

    Solved - More NAS issues.

    Good point but the IP addresses of my machines are not static. I guess this must be a default router setup.
    philc43, Feb 16, 2016
  9. linw Win User
    Why not make them static? I give static addresses to all fixed resources so I can administer them readily by IP no.
  10. philc43 Win User
    I may well try this as it could be a long wait before the Master Browser issues get fixed. There was some reason I kept to dynamic IP addresses but can't remember what it was - possibly just the sheer number of devices coming and going on the network.
    philc43, Apr 5, 2018

Solved - More NAS issues.

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