Windows 10: Some firefox problems

Discus and support Some firefox problems in Browsers and Email to solve the problem; interesting points on add ons, thanks. I may try a virgin install without adblock, what is the best alternative? Why is 64 version not a good... Discussion in 'Browsers and Email' started by Cerawy, Sep 3, 2017.

  1. Cerawy Win User

    Some firefox problems

    I'm currently testing ublock. For some reason, adblock is making firefox laggy for a lot of users. I have also had the annoying spontaniouis freezing when playing videos.
    Cerawy, Oct 24, 2017
  2. elbmek Win User

    the freezing problem I had with FF was during 'normal ' use. I would be on a web site and - frozen. The other problem I had, and thats when I gave up, was refusal to reopen. I would tell me FF was already open, it wasn't.
    elbmek, Oct 24, 2017
  3. bo elam Win User
    What I did when I found Adblock plus freezing Firefox a little bit was switch to Ublock origin. UBO worked fine but with all the changes in Firefox going to Firefox 57, I discovered non important and understandable issues with UBO each time I updated UBO versions (too long to explain here), so I decided to stay away from using adblockers for now. Perhaps after 57 comes out and things settle down with he browser, I ll check the addons again.

    Myself, I am into using as few addons as possible, so I am turning not using an adblocker into something positive. I am getting used to not using an adblocker. Besides that, I use NoScript. NoScript is not an adblocker but an script blocker. Ads need scripts to run so NoScript blocks most ads anyway. So, I am good about blocking ads even without the adblocker.

    About 64 bits Firefox. I have never installed the 64 bits version of the browser. I have been using Firefox for at least 10 years, and never had a major issue. Never. Problems like the ones this thread is about don't happen to me. Whenever I have had a minor issue, switching to a new profile or clean installing Firefox has solved the problem. Takes a little while but I make it fun doing it and you done with the problem quickly..

    My W10 is my first 64 bits computer. When I got it, I didnt think much about which version of Firefox to install. I knew the version to install was the 32 bits as it is the version thats reported with the lesser amount of problems despite being the one thats/ or was used by the majority of users. On paper, the 64 bits version looks better but in reality, I doubt it. I seen a lot of people who had problems while using the 64 bits version but fixed their problems after switching to the 32 bits version. So, switching is something to try for fixing issues if nothing else works.

    bo elam, Oct 24, 2017
  4. elbmek Win User

    Some firefox problems

    thanks Bo for a very informative reply. I think I may try the 32 and see how it performs. Many many thanks.
    elbmek, Oct 25, 2017
  5. bo elam Win User
    You are welcome, elbmek. Freezes like you are experiencing can be caused by addons conflicting, AV web guards, AV toolbars, the AV scanning while you browse. I dont know what AV you are using but something like Windows defender shouldn't cause that kind of issue but AV like Kaspesrsky and Norton, might, due to their toolbars and addons.

    The Firefox still running in Task manager after you close Firefox is an old issue I did not even remember it until you mentioned it. Read the top paragraph of this link.
    error message - How to fix it | Firefox Help

    It says: "Firefox needs an unlocked profile to start up, and if the profile is locked, it displays the message, Firefox is already running, but is not respondingA copy of Firefox is already open. "

    If you getting that message every day, if it becomes annoying because you are getting it often, then you can try to figure out if it is another program that's locking the Firefox files when you close Firefox. In my opinion, it usually is and usually is the AV or another real time scanner you are using. So, if the problem is happening everyday, it is worth it try to figure out what is causing the problem for you. If it happens once every few days, then you might want to ignore it.

    Anyway, that's what I would do. I haven't experienced that issue in many years. I believe there are 2 reasons for that to be my case, one, I stopped using antiviruses in 2010, and two, because I use a program called Sandboxie. Firefox runs in the sandbox and when you close the sandboxed Firefox, all programs running in the sandbox are set to be terminated automatically.

    What AV are you using? Other real time security programs? According to what you describe, I think its worth it figuring out whats causing the lock.

    bo elam, Oct 26, 2017
  6. elbmek Win User
    Kaspersky Total Security 2017 or 2018. I presume I can add FF as an 'exception' - somewhere. But, to be to KTS, it did it when I was on AVG, (staying open). If thats the trouble I will mention it to kaspersky Support
    elbmek, Oct 26, 2017
  7. Cerawy Win User
    I'm still looking for a solution to the minimum font size feature. The text is completely messed up on some of the websites, and some of the text is misplaced outside of the columns.
    Cerawy, Oct 26, 2017
  8. Callender Win User

    Some firefox problems

    Callender, Oct 28, 2017
  9. Cerawy Win User
    Ive been using ublock origin for some time now and the lag problem is gone. FF is running smooth. Also, after changing my mainboard on my computer, and switching wireless adapter, FF seems to have become a lot more responsive. Sometimes I barely get to click and the website is already loaded. It works great for the most part. I would still like to solve the rest of the problems.

    Will test them and come back with the results.
    Cerawy, Nov 1, 2017
  10. I use Nightly 58 with only the following extensions and have no problems:

    Some firefox problems [​IMG]
    Josey Wales, Nov 1, 2017
  11. Cerawy Win User
    Whats your experience with adguard? Is it better than ublock im using?
    Cerawy, Nov 1, 2017
  12. CountMike New Member
    FF sent me into panic mode couple days ago. I wasn't able to access my online banking or anything from my bank from FF or any other browser, it just kept on complaining about DNS until I changed these settings in FF:

    Some firefox problems [​IMG]

    I have no idea how it prevented any other browsers to connect only to that one place.
    CountMike, Nov 3, 2017
  13. Cerawy Win User

    Some firefox problems

    I have been using ublock origin for some time now and the has helped with lag. But I still get a problem with firefox where it basically freezes for 1-2 seconds every now and then after I have been using the browser for some time. I just changed the gfx card and mainboard on my pc so I think the issue is with firefox. If i restart firefox without addons, the lag is completely gone.
    Cerawy, Nov 14, 2017
  14. Barman58 Win User
    Sorry we do not allow adblocker discussions, the site relies on advertising Forum Rules
    Barman58, Nov 14, 2017
  15. Cerawy Win User
    Sorry, I didn't know, will keep it in mind from now on. I'm still looking for a solution to the problems.
    Cerawy, Nov 20, 2017

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