Windows 10: : ) Splash screen hang :)

Discus and support : ) Splash screen hang :) in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; When a computer boots up , the first thing seen would be the splash screen and after which it goes to windows. Mine , however , hangs at the splash... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by Takemi Shino, May 26, 2017.

  1. : ) Splash screen hang :)

    When a computer boots up , the first thing seen would be the splash screen and after which it goes to windows.

    Mine , however , hangs at the splash screen.

    What i have so far:

    A bootable flashdrive with windows 10 installation,

    1 x 250GB samsung ssd and 1 x toshiba standard hard disk of 3TB.

    My test and results so far:

    1) boot up with jut the 3TB drive.. boot jumps into bios immediately as it cannot detect the 3TBG drive
    It is probably damaged (and it has no windows installed on it ) , called the vendor and they are willing to replace it as it is under warranty.

    2) tested with just the 250GB Samsung SSD. Bios can detect.(Great news) , however , thats it. It will not go past the splash screen.

    3) SSD with bootable drive to re-install windows on SSD. Bios can detect both. So now I click boot options and select the flash drive to re-install windows.

    but I get this screen From the screenshot and I what I noticed myself , there seems to be a horizontal blue line there. Not sure what it is . Anyways I restart the computer , select boot options and select the SSD instead , however , I am getting that same screenshot too.

    Can someone help please as I am out of ideas.

    Takemi Shino, May 26, 2017
  2. gvde---01 Win User

    Nokia Software Updater 1.3.20 not work!!!

    Same here. XP SP2. The splash screen comes up and then it hangs there. Some time later the gui process dies and the splash screen disappears while the host process is still in the background. I am not running any AV or FW...
    gvde---01, May 26, 2017
  3. rolandom Win User
    Mail (and other win apps) hangs, requiring a reboot on Win 10

    I see this first on Mail, but it has happened to the calculator, apps store... pretty much Windows apps in general. Word, Chrome, File Explorer, Acrobat all continue to work fine. Mail hangs and will not go to another mail or screen. Closing seems to work,
    but on restart the apps sticks at splash screen. Then trying to start calc, even though not used since last reboot. will hang at splash screen as well.

    Reboot solves problem for a few hours, then the hang reoccurs.

    All updates applied to ASUS i5 with 8GB.
    rolandom, May 26, 2017
  4. : ) Splash screen hang :)

    new update: further troubleshooting

    i tried connecting the hdmi cable to my mainboard graphics..

    the result... it would power on for a few seconds then power off and on again. its just cycles here. no display no nothing...

    connect it back to the graphics card and the problem reverts back to my main post
    Takemi Shino, May 26, 2017

: ) Splash screen hang :)

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