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Discus and support SPOTIFY in Windows 10 Software and Apps to solve the problem; Is it possible to transfer music coming from Spotify free version on a USB device? If yes, how does it work in details please. Thank you... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Software and Apps' started by Birdland2, Jun 17, 2021.

  1. Birdland2 Win User


    Is it possible to transfer music coming from Spotify free version on a USB device? If yes, how does it work in details please. Thank you

    Birdland2, Jun 17, 2021

  2. Spotify

    I have just discovered two Spotify entries in the StartUp list in Task Manager.
    However there is no trace of Spotify elsewhere in the system.
    I went through the registry and deleted every reference to Spotify that could find, although some refused to be deleted.
    That made no difference.
    The store shows that Spotify is installed. Which is strange.
    However I found an entry in the Apps list in Start Menu, clicked uninstall and that cleared the problem.
    Hairy Scot, Jun 17, 2021
  3. Cortana - Spotify problem

    So when I tell Cortana to play a song on spotify she does successfully finds the songs but doesn't actually play it. She just brings up spotify without changing the song.

    I found this fix:

    • 1. Unlink Cortana (in her settings)
    • 2. Revoke Cortana app access (via, and while you're logged on...
    • 3. Set up an App Password especially if you're using facebook to log in (this may not be neccessary, but I did so just to circumvent all potnetial issues).
    • 4. Uninstall Spotify

      5. Install Spotify from the Windows Store (I believe the actual cause of the issue is that those of us with the problem probably installed from the Spotify Installer download, rather than
      the Windows Store).
    • 6. Launch and log in to the Spotify app with the app password you created in step three.

      7. Link Cortana using the app password you created in step three.
    • 8. Restart your computer (my Cortana didn't think Spotify was installed until I did so).

      9. Enjoy hands-free music browsing!

    The problem with this tho is that it only works untill i shut down/restart the PC. After that I need to redo this all again in order for it to work and its really frustrating to do this everytime I open my computer.
    DanLevitchi, Jun 17, 2021

    Unable to integrate Cortana with Spotify.


    Thank you for writing to Microsoft Community Forums.

    We can imagine how difficult it could be when app feature do not work the way they supposed to. However, could you please let us know from where you got the Spotify app?

    In the meantime, we would suggest you to follow steps mentioned below and check if it helps.

    1. Go to Settings > Time & Language.
    2. Click on Region & Language.
    3. Check if country and language is set to United States and
      English (United States).
    4. Then set up Cortana again.
    5. Log out from your Spotify account and log in again.
    6. Then try integrating Cortana with
      Spotify and check.

    We would also suggest you to run troubleshoot for Microsoft Store Apps if you have installed the app from Microsoft Store by referring to

    Fix problems with apps from Microsoft Store

    You may also want to refer
    Fix problems with the Start menu or Cortana for details

    Data Loss Disclaimer: While performing
    Reset your PC steps there might be a risk of data loss. You may take a backup of the data before performing the steps.

    Manjunath_H, Jun 17, 2021


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