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Discus and support Spotlight on Tinywall in AntiVirus, Firewalls and System Security to solve the problem; Hi All! I'm using TinyWall on my Windows 10 PC, and although TinyWall is not designed especially for Windows 10, I still use it due to its... Discussion in 'AntiVirus, Firewalls and System Security' started by SniperAtWork, Feb 11, 2019.

  1. Spotlight on Tinywall

    Hi All!

    I'm using TinyWall on my Windows 10 PC, and although TinyWall is not designed especially for Windows 10, I still use it due to its usefulness.

    My question would be, what Windows service should be enabled on the firewall, in order to make my spotlight working because it doesn't work with this software. I found a similar forum entry in this forum and there I've read to enable "RuntimeBroker" service but this didn't help yet!

    I just would like to know what is the exact service what changes Spotlight pictures regularly on my lock screen, to allow the traffic on Tinywall!

    Thanks in advance!


    SniperAtWork, Feb 11, 2019
  2. Rose Cal Win User



    Windows spotlight is an option for the lock screen background that displays different background images and occasionally offers suggestions on the lock screen. For us to better isolate your concern, we'd like to gather more information:

    • Is there a way for you to provide us a screenshot?
    • Have you made any recent changes before this issue occur?
    • Are you able to use spotlight before?

    Meanwhile, we suggest that you follow these steps to modify Lock screen background to spotlight:

    • Open Settings.
    • Click Personalization and select Lock screen.
    • Under Background, choose Windows spotlight.

    Keep us posted if you need additional help.
    Rose Cal, Feb 11, 2019
  3. RESOLVED - Windows Defender Firewall - Conflicts with Tinywall

    Why does Windows Defender Firewall cause conflict with Tinywall. My Tinywall icon sits in the tray icon area all greyed out with Unknown Mode status.

    Whilst Tinywall is installed Windows Defender Firewall also blocks internet access. To resolve the issue I have to turn Windows Defender Firewall off from the control panel and turn it on again.

    Basically in recent updates Tinywall has been rendered useless by Windows Defender Firewall. How can I run Tinywall and WIndows Defender Firewall side-by-side?

    When I turn Windows Defender Firewall off and launch Tinywall, Windows Defender Firewall automatically re-enables itself. Surely this seems like the code is intentionally targeting Tinywall.

    Best security and protection comes in layers. I'd rather completely disable Windows Defender Firewal and stick to using Tinywall.
    Soft Micro Apple, Feb 11, 2019
  4. Dyan Rey Win User

    Spotlight on Tinywall

    Windows Spotlight on the lock screen


    There are multiple causes on why you're encountering this issue. To further troubleshoot the issue, we suggest that you disable and re-enable Spotlight. Simply follow the steps below:

    • Right-click on the desktop and open Personalize.
    • Open Lock Screen tab.
    • Under Background, switch from Windows Spotlight to a Picture or the Slideshow.
    • Click OK and close the Window.
    • Now Log off and log in.
    • Navigate to Lock screen and enable Windows Spotlight again.

    Let us know how it works.
    Dyan Rey, Feb 11, 2019

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