Windows 10: SSD reliability in the real world: Google's experience

Discus and support SSD reliability in the real world: Google's experience in Windows 10 News to solve the problem; Using data from millions of drive days in Google datacenters, a new paper offers production lifecycle data on SSD reliability. Surprise! SSDs fail... Discussion in 'Windows 10 News' started by Brink, Feb 24, 2016.

  1. Brink
    Brink New Member

    SSD reliability in the real world: Google's experience

    Read more: SSD reliability in the real world: Google's experience | ZDNet

    Brink, Feb 24, 2016
  2. davidnd Win User

    Are there any RELIABLE nokia phones these days?


    Firstly, may I say that was a pretty patronising response to what is a perfectly legitimate question.

    We all know that professional reviews are, and can never be, a reflection of real world use. Their point is to explore and test at a surface level the feature set only. What the poor guy was asking is how you collate experience of real world usage to come
    to some form of replicable and reliable understanding of reliability. Carphone warehouse used to keep statistics on the number of returns of the models they sold. This gave a real world reliability figure. However they were basically forced to stop doing it
    because the phone companies put pressure on them as it showed that, overall, reliability was getting worse not better...

    A new phone is not a cheap thing these days and to expect people to put up with goods that are not fit for purpose is unacceptable behaviour. Tell me, would you do nothing if you discovered that the new car you bought was advertised as a 4 seater only had
    room for 3? It's the same principal...



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    davidnd, Feb 24, 2016
  3. real world

    windows 10 is of course the perceived ultimate in modern super information highway mass transit of words and ideas. however, the programmers and testers are not of the real world, but in a stratified environment where everyone is completely computer illiterate
    and the computing world dominates their lives and virtural loves. for the rest of us, the computer is a tool to achieve results quickly and easily. i programmed in C, C++, Java, etc. years ago and I understand the levels of machine code down to machine language.
    "keep is simple stupid" is a catch phrase MS developers and suits try in vain to achieve, but never even come close to simplicity for the casual user of their products.

    the seattle, bellvue, mercer island, redmond wealth & fame continuum drives these MS-nicks; thinking the entire world see their point of view, live their cloistered lives in sterile office refinements and all users will adhere to their agenda, thereby selling
    more and more MS products to feed the faulty OS built on legacy systems that every hacker the world chuckles over, hunts and peck at their foreign keyboards to crack with ease, (and of course, we pay to counter the mad black hatters for the life of the MSOS.).

    At the root the TC/IP is a protocol that will never work, but MS and other don't have a new and innovated basic electronic communication system that is affordable to the masses.

    I've owned a macbook pro for five years with out a single problem. windows10/HP cost me $500+ recently, even though I still have a warranty for another year. apple may cost most initially, but over the long run they hold up to hard work and are intuitive,
    which is the basic tenet of wealth and productivity.

    I would like to quote the wise and direct words of Jane Canary from Deadwood, but that would violate the nice guy/gal creed I agreed to.
    stevemckean, Feb 24, 2016
  4. Ztruker Win User

    SSD reliability in the real world: Google's experience

    Backup Backup Backup Backup !!!!!

    Ztruker, Feb 24, 2016
  5. cereberus Win User
    This x 10
    cereberus, Feb 24, 2016
  6. swarfega Win User
    I am now fully SSD (having three 850 Evos of various sizes) but I only feel safe doing that because I have a NAS box.
    swarfega, Feb 25, 2016
  7. sneekez Win User
    sneekez, Feb 25, 2016
  8. Cliff S New Member

    SSD reliability in the real world: Google's experience

    SSD reliability in the real world: Google's experience [​IMG]
    Note Just to bring to everyone's attention:
    "The FAST 2016 paper Flash Reliability in Production" was written about SSDs used in Google's datacenter's, which have very, very heavy usage.
    The normal home user could never possibly have so many writes, deletions, garbage collection and TRIMs per day.
    Cliff S, Feb 25, 2016
  9. jimbo45 Win User
    Hi there

    I hope the NAS box isn't using SSD's --unless it's for the OS -- I should think any sensible NAS box would have probably 5 - 12 TB as an average size for home users --a 12 TB SSD currently !!!! well it would certainly be hideously expensive - not really necessary for things NAS boxes are usually used for. Google can afford this sort of money (probably small change - especially as they probably pay less TAX than most of us here !!) but Home users will have to wait a bit longer for these types of SSD's to fit into their machines.

    Another one here to emphasize BACKUP !!! -- as for reliability I'm sure the MTBF (for our non Engineering colleagues here - that's the "Mean Time before Failure" which is a typical measurement used in Engineering to determine the reliability of components) of even cheap SSD's is probably LONGER than that of standard HDD's these days - especially consumer grade HDD's.

    Once large capacity SSD's come down to the same or cheaper price than current HDD's then there is NO REASON why you should be scare of using them. That days isn't quite here yet -- although it's great to see how many people are using SSD's for their OS.


    jimbo45, Feb 25, 2016
  10. waltc Win User
    I don't see much sense in the statement: SSD age, not usage, affects reliability. Since all of their SSD's are being hit constantly (usage) it doesn't follow that "usage" would not dovetail precisely with "age"--ie, the older their SSD's, the more they would have been used, etc.

    Plus, gigantic SSD's are still being researched and developed and so SSD tech is nowhere near as stagnant as HD tech at the moment. What looks like a solid result this year may not even apply to next year's tech, etc.

    All I can say is that I am happy as a clam with my tiny 250GB EVO 850 boot drive (c:\) thus far...but I backup every new Insider build to an HD partition I reserve for that distinct purpose. I actually clone my SSD there, and then run a Win7 backup copy there, too, for good measure. (I have all of my applications & games on other partitions & drives (HD's) than c:\--all I keep on c:\ is the OS, device drivers, and various utilities I consider indispensable. )
    waltc, Feb 25, 2016
  11. MrBill Win User
    Amazingly that may take awhile. I was shocked to find decent 1TB WD hard drives for between 50 an 75 bucks(Blue vs. Black). Now I run SSDs, but occasionally look at HDDs in case I need a backup drive. Personally, I've become addicted to the SSD speed, so I don't see me changing back unless compelled. Even so, hard to beat HDD prices anytime soon.
    MrBill, Feb 25, 2016
  12. WHS
    whs Win User
    Understand, but that is an extreme usage of SSDs. In normal Joe Smith's systems it should be faster than HDDs and not degrade - at least not that fast.
  13. CountMike New Member

    SSD reliability in the real world: Google's experience

    Over 3 and close to 4 years of my first SSD, Kingston V300, 120 GB, it was cheapest at that time and still like new despite countless OSs installed and uninstalled and used in all kinds of experiments.
    CountMike, Feb 27, 2016
  14. Cliff S New Member
    *ThumbsLike my first Samsung 840 Pro
    Cliff S, Feb 27, 2016
  15. LEE
    Lee Win User
    Hi walt, what program do you use to clone. . .on my Macs I using carbon copy. . .*Smile

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