Windows 10: SSD upgrade and Memory compressed question

Discus and support SSD upgrade and Memory compressed question in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Good Day, Managed to upgrade my wife's toshiba laptop to SSD. The unit has 4 Gbs of memory and when it is viewed in Task Manager is indicates the... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by glennc, Feb 4, 2017.

  1. glennc Win User

    SSD upgrade and Memory compressed question

    Good Day,
    Managed to upgrade my wife's toshiba laptop to SSD. The unit has 4 Gbs of memory and when it is viewed in Task Manager is indicates the usage and some "compressed memory". I recall from the past that there is a memory setting somewhere but can no longer find it.
    Also what is the current thought on having page file on the SSD?
    Thank you

    glennc, Feb 4, 2017
  2. d0gknees Win User

    compression software


    Could you elaborate on the statement about writing more data to compress a file?

    If we are creating a new file, Windows creates a buffer in memory and writes the data there. Then it compresses the data (still in memory) and then writes the compressed data to the drive. Reading, it reads the compressed data from the ssd to a memory buffer
    and then uncompresses the data in memory for the application to use.

    At least that's the way it has always worked in the past versions of Windows.

    Are you saying it writes uncompressed data to the ssd, then reads that, compresses and writes the now compressed data to the ssd?

    Can you also explain why Windows would use a different method on an ssd vs a standard hdd?

    If you have a reference where MS have explained the process(in detailed terms) I'd be happy to follow that up.


    d0gknees, Feb 4, 2017
  3. softmate Win User
    decompress of c: drive fails time after time (decomprimeren van c: drive lukt niet)

    In order to upgrade Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, it was necessary to compress the c: drive, which is a SSD. After a succesful upgrade, I want to decompress the c: drive. The current compressed situation is that 10,1 Gb is in use of the available 28,4 Gb.

    First step was to uncheck the checkbox in the properties dialog "compress this drive to save diskspace" of the c: drive. This action was completed succesfully but the checkbox remains checked.

    Also using the command prompt in save mode, using the command: "compact /u /i /s *.*" works fine but the ultimate effect was that the checkbox remains checked.

    But it was remarkable that there were so many errors with: Access denied.

    So, the ultimate question is: how to uncompress/decompress my SSD?
    softmate, Feb 4, 2017
  4. Berton Win User

    SSD upgrade and Memory compressed question

    That's opening a big can of spaghetti [don't like worms]. There's any number of methods that work, most seem to go with the default settings and let Windows manage it. I like to keep in mind that some third-party programs may look for it on the same partition as the OS so I put it at a fixed 2GB then put an amount equal to the physical RAM on a second drive, not a second partition, always get a noticeable improvement.
    Berton, Feb 4, 2017
  5. glennc Win User
    Hello Berton,
    Last week was the first time I really considered doing anything like this, searching has produced at least 5 years old videos and such with much info and settings to alter. I understand that things have changed in that time. The concern that was mentioned was about overusing the SSD causing excess wear. Always come back here to get real helpful assistance. Digging through the spaghetti as it were!! Okay and I am following your thought process but there is no second drive on the laptop. Grabbed a cheap 120 Gb Sandisk and installed it, Macrium over the hardrive and guessed at what OEM partitions I could delete to get it to fit. My wife has never had more than 35 Gb including OS. Noticeably quicker now.
    Question still about compressed memory. Don't know what it is and am looking for speed, without anymore expenditure, if possible!!?
    Thanks !
    glennc, Feb 4, 2017
  6. Mystere Win User
    Microsoft has made many changes to the virtual memory subsystem in windows to optimize for SSD's, and one doesn't really need to worry about a pagefile on an SSD anymore (this used to be the case, back in XP times, but as of Vista and Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 MS has made increasingly more tweaks to make SSD usage optimal.
    Mystere, Feb 4, 2017
  7. pparks1 Win User
    Generally speaking, people have large amounts of RAM these days. This usually means that the pagefile isn't hit very hard or often. The only time in the past I worried about moving the page file was on small SSD's where capacity was a real issue. I don't worry about it from a longevity standpoint of the SSD. I've worked with SSD's for many years. Owned one myself for over 7. Managed them in many, many laptops at work. They have been very reliable for me.
    pparks1, Feb 5, 2017
  8. glennc Win User

    SSD upgrade and Memory compressed question

    Thanks Mystere, I would prefer to let it be handled automatically!
    glennc, Feb 5, 2017
  9. glennc Win User
    Hello pparks1, thanks for the confirmation!
    glennc, Apr 4, 2018

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