Windows 10: Start Menu is not working

Discus and support Start Menu is not working in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; When im using local admin account, start menu is working. if im using network account start menu is not working. laptop is joined in our domain. please... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by mangaliagr, Jan 24, 2016.

  1. Start Menu is not working

    When im using local admin account, start menu is working. if im using network account start menu is not working. laptop is joined in our domain. please help.

    mangaliagr, Jan 24, 2016

  2. My start menu icons aren't showing up properly!

    I have same problem, the start menu is not working. when you click it , nothing happened. Microsoft edge and store icon are missing on the taskbar.
    start menu not working, Jan 24, 2016
  3. TW Burger Win User
    Start Menu is not working (Not responding/Critical Errors)

    I cannot help but notice that the fix for a start button not working involves using the start button?! Commands can be run from the task manager File menu. Ctrl-Alt-Del to select Task Manager from the screen menu.
    TW Burger, Jan 24, 2016
  4. Start Menu is not working

    Hello mangaliagr Welcome to the Ten Forums! and apparently the "World of Upgrades" as well!

    Your description certainly does seem to suggest the laptop there didn't see 10 come with it but was to see an upgrade to 10 from 7, 8, or 8.1? Often the upgrade from one version to another newer one will simply come out "Buggy as All Heck"! You may see immediate problems or they might remain tucked away at first and appear sometime later since something never went on fully at the time of the upgrade itself.

    How am I doing so far? When going to upgrade a 7 laptop to 10 the problem of not even seeing a Start button as well as not being able to get into the AllApps was immediately seen. Fortunately I was already planning a clean install to follow anyways already having seen two desktops seeing upgrade installs with the first coming out a mess due to having storage drives plugged in during the upgrade attempts that is!

    Once I discovered that the additional drives had to be unplugged the upgrade proceeded to be the mess that came out followed by a second upgrade install to repair the first! A week later the first week 10 was out a clean install replaced the mess! Unfortunately you could well end up either needing to see a repair install if not a full fresh copy of 10. But let's try a couple of other things first.

    First on the list would be the System File Checker and if you did 10 media made up by chance either a usb flash drive or burned a dvd having the flash drive plugged in or the dvd in the drive will be a help if the system tool should find any files missing or goofed. It will simply start extracting what it needs as long as the repair isn't too extensive where other options would then have to be looked at. To get that running simply right click on the Start button which should still see the right click menu appear and simply scroll down that until you get to the Command prompt(admin) option. At the dos like prompt type in: "sfc /scannow" and hit enter to get that going.

    It's certainly not a sure fire remedy but could get things cleared up for you. The Second item of interest is the Disk Check tool you would schedule if you can without a hard boot that to see the tool run and repair any disk errors found on the drive. While you still have the elevated command prompt open you would type in: "chkdsk /r/f" without the quotations for the r=Repair and f=Fix repair switches both added onto the command there. You should then see the message that the tool has been scheduled for the next startup since it can't be started up when at the command prompt.

    For the immediate start you can still go to the C drive in an explorer window to right click on it and open the Tools tab looking for the Error checking button on the properties screen there. The tool checks for file system type errors and will fix what it can but won't be replacing anything.
    Night Hawk, Jan 24, 2016

Start Menu is not working

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