Windows 10: Start menu text color issue

Discus and support Start menu text color issue in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Hello all. Just got a new laptop for my first experience with Win10, although I am near expert experience with Windows since Win95. I must say I have... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by ktulumaster, Jan 7, 2016.

  1. Start menu text color issue

    Hello all. Just got a new laptop for my first experience with Win10, although I am near expert experience with Windows since Win95. I must say I have more appreciation for this than I did for Win8. Anyways, I have been having an issue I am hoping I can find a solution to. I have tried every combination of colors and color settings possible and cannot get this fixed. I have posted a side by side pic of my start menu on first press, then the list of All Apps.

    Problem: When I open the start menu initially, all text is white and clearly visible no matter the color or settings. When I open All Apps, the text appears barely visible and in a gray scale that is barely visible no matter what color background I give it. Also I have noticed at random that when I open All Apps, the menu will fade to a darker shade very slowly, making the text nearly IMPOSSIBLE to read. Is there a setting outside of color settings I am missing? How can I change the text color of the apps list, if at all?

    Start menu text color issue [​IMG]

    ktulumaster, Jan 7, 2016

  2. Windows 10 start menu text doesn't render correctly and icons are blurred

    I'm having the same issues, Lenovo has updated the drivers for my E540 but it seems like the issue is intermittent.

    If I reboot the Start Menu Text colors change and are at least readable, then 10 minutes later the colors change again and I can barely see them. I also have a few in the ALL Applications list that have completely different color text... Also the start menu
    back round color is just to dark anyways, not sure what the thought was here, but it's a little depressing. My app icons look like they were made in 1980. I would think this would have been a little better thought out. 8.1 is much prettier.
    oOJustmeOo, Jan 7, 2016
  3. Windows 10 clock display

    Another follow up. I am using the Classic Start Menu on my PCs. I have found that perhaps after one of the recent Windows 10 updates the taskbar text color changed from the white I had, to black. Since the taskbar color was very near to solid black,
    the black text on a black task bar looked like the clock time had disappeared. How to change the taskbar text back to white again? I finally found that by right clicking on the Start button a Settings for Classic Start Menu page opened. You should have
    Customized Taskbar checked. Under Taskbar Look I had selected Opaque. The next two items in the list were Taskbar color and Taskbar text color. For the Taskbar color, I selected a near black setting from the color chart which resulted in a value of 2D2D2D.
    I selected the near black color so I could see the task bar against the full black desktop color I like. For the Taskbar text color I selected full white, FFFFFF. Problem solved. It would have been nice if the taskbar colors selection had been in the Settings
    > Personalization >Taskbar section instead under the Start Menu settings.
    RoyWelchTL, Jan 7, 2016
  4. Private Win User

    Start menu text color issue

    Open your graphics control panel, find 3D settings, disable the "Application Optimal Mode" if available and reboot. If not, try to turn off everything inside the 3D settings (one at a time) and reboot is needed.
    Private, Jan 7, 2016

Start menu text color issue

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