Windows 10: Startup crash in 1809 after disk corruption repair

Discus and support Startup crash in 1809 after disk corruption repair in Windows 10 Performance & Maintenance to solve the problem; This one will make Shawn's eyes roll *Wink. I originally double-booted Win 10 with Win 7SE, the latter on vol. 1 as C:, and when 10 came out I... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Performance & Maintenance' started by bachware, May 7, 2019.

  1. bachware Win User

    Startup crash in 1809 after disk corruption repair

    This one will make Shawn's eyes roll *Wink. I originally double-booted Win 10 with Win 7SE, the latter on vol. 1 as C:, and when 10 came out I installed it on volume 4 (FStartup crash in 1809 after disk corruption repair :) because drives D: (2) & E: (3) then were non-O/S drives, with E: becoming the fossil boneyard from the 7 installation's non-O/S files & programs, so Win 10 re-lettered its boot volume 4 to C: (the system swapping its pre-O/S start drive C: (vol. 1) to F: while 10 ran from F: as C: ??), and it ran flawlessly like that for years. I'm a fossil that likes to keep non-O/S files separate from the O/S *Rolleyes.

    Then, in the last week of April, unbeknownst to me, something corrupted 10's volume 4 before my weekly backup'd been done, which I did in the blind, and did a chkdsk /f on it when I got error messages, but it claimed all file system was OK, after. I then tried to do a restore off the backup because of errors, but Win complained that it couldn't update the ASD keys in the Registry, and wouldn't run. I ended up only being able to use the ESD command prompt via a pen drive, and all the usual gyrations have failed to rescue my startup.

    I have a highly customized system, and don't want to do a raw O/S reinstall and all my programs, because I saved a complete copy of volume 4 to another USB drive folder as \Win 10 x64, and volume 1 to \Sy$boot there, intending to diskpart | delete those volumes in the internal drive, re-create them and make 1 active; then re-write its boot sector to nt60, and use bcdboot to finish getting it ready; then copy the old drives' data back, and run utilities to have the BCD point to F:\Windows as the startup drive using the /scanos switch to rewrite the BCD to start 10 off F:\ (vol. 4) with \boot on C:\, pointed to by /r C: and /f BIOS (I'm not on UEFI), since I had diskpart first re-letter Vols. 1-4 as F D E C. The /scanos option finds all Windows installations, and I only OK the one on vol. 4.

    Win 10 startup then STILL fails, and Startup Repair can't fix it. All the files the O/S needs are there on vol. 4, so I'm assuming I've screwed something up that SR is too dumb to fix (or maybe its a «duh» by me -- likely). I was hoping that I could at least get 10 to boot to some state from which I could run Setup to do a system repair.

    Suggestions? Should I just re-letter the volumes in order as C D E F, and let 10 do a swap of C & F? I'm borderline enough techie competent that you can probably tell me how to restore my Win 10 startup by hand to at least a state where I can run Setup from within 10 some state to accomplish a system repair, even if there are missing files/data.

    I've been off line with my big tower machine since April 24, with lots of unhealthy all-nighters, and am using my ASUS U50f laptop to post this.


    bachware, May 7, 2019
  2. Rohit_R Win User

    Windows 10 Dual Boot - Scan Disk Corrupts OP and Startup

    Hi Dave,

    Thank you for writing to Microsoft Community Forums.

    Which Hard Drive has the active partition?

    You can try the following steps:

    Method 1: Update the storage drivers on both Hard Drives:

    Refer to this
    and select the section Storage controllers.

    Method 2: In case the OS gets corrupted, perform Startup repair:

    Follow the steps:

    1. Boot to Advanced Startup Options.
    2. Click on Troubleshoot.
    3. Click on Advanced options.
    4. Click on Startup Repair.
    5. On the prompt, select the affected OS to perform the Startup repair.

    Method 3: Perform check disk commands for Disk errors:

    Refer to this article.

    Note: Remove all the external devices before performing check disk.

    Data Loss Disclaimer:

    While performing these steps there might be a risk of data loss. You may take a backup of the data before performing the steps.

    Hope it helps.

    Let us know if you got the help you needed by clicking Yes or No.

    Rohit Raina

    Microsoft Community - Moderator
    Rohit_R, May 7, 2019
  3. Corrupted file RAR

    If the archive has been created using WinRAR, why don't you try WinRAR itself? It has a built-in repair feature for repairing corrupted archive (ZIP as well as RAR). Follow the steps given below:
    • Open WinRAR application in your system.
    • Now click on File tab > Open or simply press Ctrl+O.
    • A small window "Find Archive" will pop up. Locate the corrupt RAR archive from your system directory and select it.
    • Now click Open button.
    • Click Tools tab > Repair archive or simply press Alt+R.
    • Again a small window "Repairing File name.rar" will pop up.
    • Now click Browse to select a location to save the repaired archive.
    • Check the box "Treat the corrupt archive as RAR" and click OK.
    • WinRAR will start repairing of corrupt RAR archive. Once it gets completed click Close.
    I hope the above steps will help you repair the corrupted RAR archive.

    Lincoln Dunne, May 7, 2019
  4. zbook Win User

    Startup crash in 1809 after disk corruption repair

    Programs not working

    In post 26 there were steps listed to fix the operating system corruption.
    Are you able to follow them?
    In post 29 was the suggested dism repair command.
    zbook, May 7, 2019

Startup crash in 1809 after disk corruption repair

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