Windows 10: Steam "Install" Brutal Legend Loop

Discus and support Steam "Install" Brutal Legend Loop in Windows 10 Gaming to solve the problem; The short version is thus: I buy the game from humblebundle for cheap, select an option to donate money to american red cross, redeem the steam key and... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Gaming' started by BrokenDaily, Jan 16, 2018.

  1. Steam "Install" Brutal Legend Loop

    The short version is thus: I buy the game from humblebundle for cheap, select an option to donate money to american red cross, redeem the steam key and download game. steam finishes downloading, installs game, I boot up game (I delete the vcredist and directx files, I already have what I need), the steam bootstrap client/whatever tells me to click yes to install game, I click yes, it boots up, I play, I shut it down and steam down. restart the computer, and I boot up steam and brutal legend, and it once AGAIN tells me to click yes or no for installing brutal legend

    the one work around was using regedit and making some new keys and dword values to tell my system everything is there, but it still happens; reg file included, was adapted from a steam discussion post from the dishonored boards and a darksiders II community forum that no longer exists. Help is appreciated, and steam has been fully updated to latest possible version; also, small addon, but when I use mcafee livesafe's vulnerability/program update scanner , it tells me my steam cloent bootstrapper is a lower version, but checking its properties tab shows its not. this be a bug?

    BrokenDaily, Jan 16, 2018
  2. musum Win User



    musum, Jan 16, 2018
  3. musum Win User

    i have installed windows xp sp2

    previously i was using windows media center i thought i might b facing this probs due to that but then i changed it to windows xp ! n moreover i have also shown to nokia service center executives but they were not having the latest updates available ......
    my pc suite is showing that new update version of firmware is available but i cudnt download it Steam "Install" Brutal Legend Loop :(

    oh gawd wat to do ? Steam "Install" Brutal Legend Loop :(

    i tried in another pc then again i got an error u need to have minimum 256 ram Steam "Install" Brutal Legend Loop :(

    please cant it b rectified ? there must b any solution to this probs please help me guyz

    god bless all of u thanx Steam "Install" Brutal Legend Loop :)
    musum, Jan 16, 2018

Steam "Install" Brutal Legend Loop

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