Windows 10: Strange behavior after waking from hibernate

Discus and support Strange behavior after waking from hibernate in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Lately my computer has been doing strange things after waking from hibernate. The first time 2 days ago after waking from hibernate my monitor did not... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by BobLeSaget, Oct 19, 2016.

  1. Strange behavior after waking from hibernate

    Lately my computer has been doing strange things after waking from hibernate. The first time 2 days ago after waking from hibernate my monitor did not wake up and just remained a black screen, yet after i restarted the computer it acted as if i had just woken it and the hibernate state remained. Yesterday after waking from hibernate everything else woke up fine except my mouse, which did not wake up until i unplugged it and plugged it back in again. The mouse was unlit as if there was no power to it. Today when i woke up the computer screen randomly turned black a few seconds into logging in, and launched me back into the login screen with all my apps and etc off. The event manager suggested a kernel power event but i never saw the bios splash. Also with the recent wake issue my computer experienced the most unusual problem. For whatever reason i lost the option of *sleep* on the shutdown menu and i had this invisible extra inch on the right side of my screen i could not see but my mouse could move into, a restart fixed these two though.

    Only drivers that seem to have changed were nvidia drivers and mouse/keyboard drivers for gtx 1070 and corsair m60 and k90 respectively.

    BobLeSaget, Oct 19, 2016
  2. TomHaws Win User

    Windows 10 sleep turns into hibernate after a while

    When I put Windows 10 to sleep, then wake it up within a few minutes, it wakes up promptly as expected after a sleep. And it wakes up if I tap my keyboard, which also is expected.

    But if I come back to wake the computer after a long time, it appears to have settled into hibernation.

    1. The keyboard will not wake it up. I have to press the power button.

    2. The manufacturer startup screen is displayed like on hibernation resume, and the resumption takes a long time sometimes.

    Why does sleep turn into hibernation? Can I stop this behavior? All of the above happens while my Dell laptop is plugged in continuously.

    TomHaws, Oct 19, 2016
  3. DaveCG Win User
    Transition from sleep to hibernate fails

    I have a problem with my laptop not hibernating from sleep following the creators edition update.

    Before the update I had my machine set to sleep after 20 minutes and hibernate after 30 minutes

    For my usage this worked perfectly, if I didn't wake the machine up from sleep then

    I would probably not be back for some time so would hibernate to save power.

    Following the creators update my laptop would sleep fine but when it wakes to hibernate it fails and

    goes back to sleep. This repeats for ever until I wake the machine.

    If I manually hibernate the laptop it works fine.

    I have tracked the problem down to a wake timer being set for a backup to a server running Windows Home Server 2011.

    This wake timer prevents hibernating from sleep even if the wake timer is set for many hours in the future.

    If I disable the task that sets this wake timer the sleep then hibernate operation works as it used to but

    of course the backup never runs.

    If I change the power option for wake timers to important events only the laptop works as it used to but it does not wake up

    to carry out the backup.

    I have carried out a number of tests and have discovered that any wake timer that is timed within 24 hours of the

    attempt to go from sleep to hibernate will cause the transition to fail.

    Could someone please test this as I can't believe this is how Microsoft designed it!!
    DaveCG, Oct 19, 2016
  4. Strange behavior after waking from hibernate

    Decided to use shutdown instead of hibernate. Nothing too noteworthy except a lot of lag on startup that seems to be related to DPC latency. Wonder if this is tied to my hibernate problems. Might be a stretch. Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

    BobLeSaget, Oct 20, 2016

Strange behavior after waking from hibernate

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