Windows 10: Strange Minimise/Maximise Animations

Discus and support Strange Minimise/Maximise Animations in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Hey guys, Something really weird is happening ever since I upgraded (which is a few days ago). Every window, if opened brand new, minimises with the... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by sierra117, Jul 28, 2016.

  1. sierra117 Win User

    Strange Minimise/Maximise Animations

    Hey guys,

    Something really weird is happening ever since I upgraded (which is a few days ago). Every window, if opened brand new, minimises with the correct animation (the window would fade and minimise to its button on the taskbar). But if I maximise it, the animation changes - it maximises from the bottom-right corner of the screen and minimises to the bottom-right corner as well. For example, if I create an instance of Notepad, click on minimise, it will play the correct animation. But now if I click on the button on the taskbar to bring it back up, it will play the wrong animation and will play the wrong animation upon minimising as well.

    It somehow strangely fixed itself once, until I restarted and it's been the same ever since. I've attached a GIF to show it. Any ideas what's going on? Never experienced anything like this.

    EDIT: Not sure how my attachment broke, since it was fine when I posted it, so I've uploaded it on imgur.

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    sierra117, Jul 28, 2016

  2. Windows 10 - settings - animation keeps resetting to on randomly.

    This is happening with a desktop onto which I downloaded Windows 10 (from 7) and a laptop which was given Windows 10 at birth.

    I uncheck the 'Animate windows when maximising and minimising' button, then click apply. Sometimes the animations stop for an hour or two, sometimes for a minute or less. This is totally random and does not rely on any other program use etc.

    As the animations make me sick, I am keen to put a stop to this. Any suggestions, please?

    ElizabethLovick, Jul 28, 2016
  3. My lock screen is black!

    Finally, after many months, I have found a resolution for this problem.

    You need to enable the property that animates windows on maximise and minimise in order to see Spotlight and Cortana messages at the same time.

    If found this out on this article here:

    Picture On Startup Not Showing After Update Solved - Windows 10 Forums

    Quintelligence, Jul 28, 2016
  4. AndreyT Win User

    Strange Minimise/Maximise Animations

    I can confirm a very similar behavior.

    When I click the program's taskbar entry the very first time, it minimizes towards that taskbar entry. Howerver, all further clicks produce animations that seem to originate somewhere way to the right from the program's taskbar entry. It is not necessarily the bottom-right corner, but still is seems to be shifted way towards that bottom-right corner.

    It is nothing to write home about, but the effect is there all right.

    BTW, do you use display scaling? My display is scaled %125, which could be a contributing factor.
    AndreyT, Jul 28, 2016
  5. sierra117 Win User
    Hey AndreyT, thanks for your reply!

    Good to see that it's not an isolated case and it's happening elsewhere, so perhaps someone knows of a fix.

    I agree with you, it's not always the bottom-right corner; for example, a smaller window seems to go to the mid-right, but overall the tendency is to go to the bottom-right.

    For me, who's very sensitive to design, it really bothers me lol. As a programmer I struggle to understand why this is also happening - code usually performs within a set of expected manners; fixing itself one day and being off on the rest baffles me heh.

    I don't have any scaling going on, though I would imagine that if it had an effect, it wouldn't play the correct animation to begin with. Just my thoughts.
    sierra117, Apr 4, 2018

Strange Minimise/Maximise Animations

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