Windows 10: Strange persisting input lag ? bios, windows, in games

Discus and support Strange persisting input lag ? bios, windows, in games in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Hello Windows, After all, I have to say that I'm sorry if I did not post my thread on the right category, because I couldn't find the right one :/ My... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by sasha04, Sep 12, 2018.

  1. sasha04 Win User

    Strange persisting input lag ? bios, windows, in games

    Hello Windows,
    After all, I have to say that I'm sorry if I did not post my thread on the right category, because I couldn't find the right one :/

    My trouble is : Since 5 months now, I have a weird input lag with all my peripherals (mouse, controller, graphic tablet...) It feels like the ms are like 30-50, it's not very noticable but when playing games, this ruin the gameplay, playing with a demi second is horrible and I would say, unplayable. I have to say that before, it was fine and my peripherals were responsive..

    Here what I did :

    So what I did, is that I built a complet new pc (new cpu / new gpu / new psu / new motherboard / new hdd / new hdmi cable, new monitor with higher refresh rate (from 60 to 144hz) and the lag still persist (new display port cable also))
    The things that I haven't changed are (ram, but I sent them to the manufacters and they told me they were fine / cd reader / mouse / controller / keyboard)
    The temperature are fine.
    And all the recent drivers are installed. (even did a ddu clean install)
    Finally I reinstalled Windows 3-4 times.
    I also have to say that the input lag/delay occur on the BIOS.
    And this is not an electricity problem since I moved to another place and the lag is till there.

    And the input lag still persist... ! *Sad

    Specs :

    GTX1070Ti 8gb Vram
    I5-8600K 3.6Ghz (turbo 4.5) [CPU cooler : Pure Rock bequiet!]
    16GB ram (4x4) ddr4 3000mhz
    Z370 hd3
    750W Cooler master 80+ bronze

    monitor : Acer 144Hz 1ms (displayport)
    mouse : G502 logitech
    keyboard : K120 logitech
    controller : xbox one controller

    Yes I did try with and without gpu, with another one, etc. Same for mouse and keyboard. I really don't think that the peripherals are the problems. I plugged my peripherals directly in my new motherbard and I still feels the delay...

    Please help me this is killing me *Sad
    For me windows 10 is the problem, that's the only thing I haven't changed (problem occured since march 2018)

    sasha04, Sep 12, 2018
  2. rracoon Win User

    Input lag in games

    With the installation of Windows 10 I started suffering from input lag on my movement keys in all of the games I played. At first it was barely noticeable but it got worse. Now my characters move for up to 10 seconds after I let of a key.

    I did the usual troubleshooting like reinstalling windows and the games, then I uninstalled the Xbox app because it helped a lot of people, but the problem still persists.

    Any advice?
    rracoon, Sep 12, 2018
  3. Seltxer Win User
    Input lag?

    • So I had to install the last fall creator's update because of mandatory security updates. Sometimes I launch tf2 and there's major input lag while other times there isn't. I used to have a solution of reverting to a version before the fall creators update
      but I've tried that recently and I needed to reinstall Windows 10. Another solution was to just restart but I don't want to have to restart my laptop every time I want to play video games. I don't know what's causing the input lag, whether it's because of
      the game or the OS or Logitech Gaming Software (which might not be the issue since I had this issue way before I ever got a logitech mouse). I suspect it's the OS and the fall creator's update. I need a permanent solution to stop this input lag. If anyone
      has one, I would really appreciate it.
    Seltxer, Sep 12, 2018
  4. Lov Dollente Win User

    Strange persisting input lag ? bios, windows, in games

    Card games lagging!

    Hi Helena,

    If it's an online game, the lag issue may have been caused by your Internet connection. It can also occur due to the game server issue. We'll need to gather a bit more information to better identify what's causing this. Kindly answer the following:

    • Have you made any changes prior to this issue?
    • What card game are you having issues with?
    • Is the issue the same with other games?
    • What troubleshooting steps have you done so far to resolve the issue?

    Meanwhile, if the card game you're playing is downloaded from Windows Store, we suggest running the
    Windows apps troubleshooter. The apps troubleshooter can help resolve issues with games and applications downloaded from Windows Store.

    Lov Dollente, Sep 12, 2018

Strange persisting input lag ? bios, windows, in games

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