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Discus and support Strange Windows Explorer Issues in W10 in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Hello all. Looking to diagnose and troubleshoot (and hopefully fix) an issue with my Toshiba Satellite (A665-S6086) laptop running W10. As a preface... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by DerekW10, Jul 30, 2020.

  1. DerekW10 Win User

    Strange Windows Explorer Issues in W10

    Hello all.

    Looking to diagnose and troubleshoot (and hopefully fix) an issue with my Toshiba Satellite (A665-S6086) laptop running W10.

    As a preface to my short ramble: I have my important files, for the most part, backed up in triplicate on external hard drives. There are some Nintendo GameCube and Wii game backup copies and recently added music files Id like to save if possible. Not a huge deal, however. 95% of my music library is backed up and 100% of my photos are backed up.

    I recently spent some time cleaning my laptop up, i.e. scrubbing some files, uninstalling old apps, cleaning out duplicates and orphans, etc. I believe today I may have inadvertently corrupted/deleted/moved a system file that is now causing my windows explorer to act up.

    I removed some orphaned files from old programs, ran disk cleanup and disk optimizer then restarted my computer. I did not knowingly delete anything I was unsure of. Upon restart, I am now in a position where:

    Start Menu is not accessible
    Taskbar Items are gone
    Search bar is unresponsive
    Task Manager will not open

    The only desktop shortcut I usually is the Recycle Bin. It was there at first and I thought I could back door into my files and other programs through there, but my C:\ Drive was not accessible through there either. After restarting once more, even Recycle Bin disappeared from the desktop.

    I now have no way to access any programs, utilities, files, etc.

    Just hoping someone can maybe walk me through so ideas/fixes.

    DerekW10, Jul 30, 2020

  2. Windows Explorer Replacement?

    are you running IE7? if not that wouold be my first suggestion,upgrade to ie7 that can fix some stability issues with windows explorer
    Athlon2K15, Jul 30, 2020
  3. Zakin Win User
    Strange Windows 10 User Account issue.

    Unfortunately I had done those steps numerous reboots, it just, reappears for no good reason. The base account isn't even a Microsoft account, it's a local account.

    I haven't quite tried the built in administrator account on W10, but so far in my experience on my own computer, the built in account seemed to have absolutely no more control than I did on my own.

    It's just strange, I go in, it warns me twice about deleting the account, then it's gone. Reboot, and it's back?

    EDIT: Just to specify, both command line and Netplwiz both say only HIS account exists on the computer, it doesn't list this rogue account. This is what I meant in my first post about the fact that even Windows doesn't seem to believe it exists, HALF the time. *Frown Strange Windows Explorer Issues in W10 :(
    Zakin, Jul 30, 2020
  4. mixa Win User

    Strange Windows Explorer Issues in W10

    Microsoft Internet Explorer renamed to Windows Internet Explorer ?

    Strange Windows Explorer Issues in W10 wie1.png

    Since version 7 of the world`s most popular web browser - Microsoft Internet Explorer was silently renamed to Windows Internet Explorer.Such a step from Microsoft is not a surprise since Internet Explorer is part of the Windows operation system for a long time.Obviously Microsoft corp. wants to state that Internet Explorer is already considered as a part of Windows and not as an external browser (remember the IE and WMP law issues last year!?).

Strange Windows Explorer Issues in W10

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