Windows 10: Suface Book Display/Freezing

Discus and support Suface Book Display/Freezing in Windows 10 BSOD Crashes and Debugging to solve the problem; Wow, I wrote this big paragraph about how my display was messing up and... wow, it all got deleted. Ugh. Ok, I'll rewrite what I said and make it... Discussion in 'Windows 10 BSOD Crashes and Debugging' started by goodtilltomorrow77, Jun 20, 2019.

  1. Suface Book Display/Freezing


    I wrote this big paragraph about how my display was messing up and... wow, it all got deleted. Ugh. Ok, I'll rewrite what I said and make it quick so hopefully this won't happen again before I can post my problem.

    Hi everyone! Please help me with my computer Suface Book Display/Freezing :(

    My computer keeps freezing and having display problems. I have attached two pictures that happened literally within the last hour. When the freezing occurs, the computer does make this small buzzing type noise.

    I'm not completely computer illiterate so I have done the following:

    Scanned for viruses - nothing

    Checked for windows updates - latest updates already installed

    Used SFCcannow thing in CMD but no problems

    Ran a memory test - all good

    Ran chkdsk - it did find errors, corrected them but still having the issue

    I have not installed anything new lately

    Did a reset on the computer (the kind where you keep all your files but just "refresh" the system)

    Even with all of the above, the issues continue.

    Also, does anyone notice their surface book display getting super hot? I know computers get warm but is it normal for this computer to get HOT?

    Below are my specs:

    Surface model Surface Book i7
    Version Information
    Embedded controller: 90.2226.256.0
    System aggregator 90.1837.256.0
    UEFI 91.2706.768.0
    Touch driver
    Wi-Fi driver 15.68.9127.58

    Processor: Intel Core i7-6600U

    Windows 10 Pro - version 1903 - os build 18362.175

    16GB RAM

    Suface Book Display/Freezing [​IMG]Suface Book Display/Freezing [​IMG]

    goodtilltomorrow77, Jun 20, 2019

  2. Suface Book specification on battery-operated pen

    Original title: Suface Book Pen

    I am excited about the upcoming surface Book. However, it has a battery-operated pen. My experience with these was that they didn't operate for very long. Given that I use pen input almost exclusively, that was a bummer for me. Does someone know:

    • how long the pen's charge lasts on average?
    • if the pen's battery (My father and I assume it to be a AAAA-size one.) is rechargeable?
    • if the eraser at the top (by flipping the pen) works globally (e.g., with Tablet PC Input Panel and Office 2016 for the desktop) or if it works only with the Metro OneNote interface?

    • I have used N-trig's technology
      only once
      thus far.
    • I hope that the pen experience on the Surface Book is better. At $3,199 apiece, the purchase of a Surface Bock would be quite disappointing if I have to charge my pen every 5 minutes (as an example) (if it is rechargeable). If Best Buy and / or Staples
      gets a floor model in, that might be beneficial for testing the pen input.
    Weird Odd Wodd, Jun 20, 2019
  3. Phone book causing my e71 to freeze

    I have a Nokia E71 and it regularly freezes when I access the phone book. On occasions when it doesn't freeze it can take five or ten seconds to display the details of a contact.

    Any suggestions?
    silvine---01, Jun 20, 2019
  4. peach1971 Win User

    Suface Book Display/Freezing

    all games crash!

    I suggest you run rthdribl >
    Increase the window size step by step and watch your vga temps permanently.
    What happens?
    If it crashes, run at stock speeds as suggested before and retry.

    P.S.: When your system locks, does the display signal turn off after a time?
    Stuttering sound or no sound at all when freezing?
    What X1800XT model do you own exactly?
    peach1971, Jun 20, 2019

Suface Book Display/Freezing

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