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Discus and support Surge Protection in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; So I don't think we often mention this, but for our electrical equipment I had to ask this to protect as much as possible. I know we can discuss backup... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by AirPower4ever, Jun 22, 2020.

  1. Surge Protection

    So I don't think we often mention this, but for our electrical equipment I had to ask this to protect as much as possible. I know we can discuss backup power supplies, but I wanted to ask more on just the plug side.

    I wanted to see which surge protector people are using and which ones we think are the best performers along with quality.

    Quality I mean that it is not flimsy, internal quality of parts and the specifications.

    By performers I mean the electrical side, but also I have seen protectors that coaxial, ethernet and phone lines can be added as well. Hard to find those specs though.

    Some reading I have done I came across Belkin

    But no mention of that Ethernet port; i.e. Gb or 100?

    APC is another one

    APC Performance SurgeArrest 11 Outlet with Phone (Splitter), Coax and Ethernet Protection, 120V - APC USA

    So just wanted to start and see what people are using. In some cases a big backup battery does not fit the area of usage so some need just a good powers trip surge protector.

    Let's see.

    AirPower4ever, Jun 22, 2020
  2. westom Win User

    Surge protection do we really need it?

    Again, how does a near zero MOV eliminate surges that are hundreds of thousands of joules?

    If the UPS does that, well, the power supply already does that. Using circuits with better voltage numbers.

    Nothing stops a surge. How does that millimeter switch inside a UPS stop any surge? If doesn't. So UPS specifications do not claim that protection. You cannot ignore the missing spec numbers. Somehow a millimeter switch stops surges? It is legal to lie in advertising.

    More numbers. Surges are done in microseconds. The damage is done in microseconds. How does a relay that takes typically 10 milliseconds to open stop what is done in microseconds? It doesn't - which explains no protection listed in numeric specs.

    How are MOVs rated? The typical surge is 8/20 us. 28 microsecond surges. Any protection that works in milliseconds is a scam. Therefore that UPS manufacturer does not list protection in numeric specs. How does millisecond protection stop surges that are microseconds? Another damning question.

    MOVs were once installed routinely in appliances. For example, Apple II contained them. Then Apple learned why MOVs in (or adjacent) to an appliance are ineffective. Apple no longer uses those MOVs. Many confuse other similar looking devices (capacitors, inrush current limiters) with MOVs. And do not see where superior protection already exists in every power supply.

    No MOV - no surge protector - does protection. Not one. An MOV either connects massive energy harmlessly to earth. Or it does nothing useful. MOV must be as short as possible to earth ground. And - this is done in every high reliability facility - the protector is distant from electronics. Distance increases surge protection. Telcos locate their protectors up to 50 meters distant from electronics. Why do telcos COs suffer about 100 surges with every thunderstorm - and no damage? Protectors are located up to 50 meters from electronics - and as short as possible to earth ground. Distances that define what makes MOVs effective.

    Distance increases protection for the same reason that every shorter foot of wire between protector and earth decreases protection. Not each ten feet. Every foot shorter to earth is important.

    And back to the original damning question. How does that tiny 1000 joules magically dissipate hundreds of thousands of joules.

    It should be obvious who is the engineer who was doing this stuff decades ago. But that only says why I am askng damning questions and demending numeric specifications. Relevent for knowledge are facts and numbers: Where is that UPS numeric spec for protection? This engineer keeps asks damning questions that you should always be able to answer. Where do hundreds of thousands of joules dissipate? A protector that cannot answer that is best called a scam. Especially when the protector - i.e. that UPS - costs tens or 100 times more money than a well proven and effective protector.

    Excessive cost - more numbers that any consumer can verify. I expect you to verify numbers before posting. And I expect claims to come with numbers. For example, surges are defined in microseconds - not milliseconds. Its 3000 joules defines near zero surge protection.
    westom, Jun 22, 2020
  3. evil bill Win User
    surge protection?

    They provide "insurance" for different things.

    An uninterruptable supply means that in the event of a power failure you automatically switch to a back up supply which will allow you to save any work and close down your system before the battery back up runs out of juice. If you are doing very important work, this is probably a vital bit of kit. If you are just playign Counter Strike, it may be overkill.

    A surge protector protects your gear from power surges that could damage your gear. I would say this is something all PCs should be connected to - chances are you need at least 4 power-points anyway so for a few quid more, get something like a Belkin Surge Protector. I have one, and after 3 or so years I noticed the "PROTECTED" light was out, meaning it had taken the brunt of a surge and sacrificed itself (I suspect my cheapo Ikea light). I posted it back to Belkin without a reciept or anything and had a brand new one back within a week.

    Voltage Stabiliser? Your PSU should take care of this for you, provided it isnt a real cheapo.

    Anyway, you will find that Uninteruptable Power Supplies include Surge Protection so the answer to your question is it depends what your doing and how much you want to spend
    evil bill, Jun 22, 2020
  4. Surge Protection

    Surge protection do we really need it?

    feel free to pm me any suggestions of things to add/subtract from it and i'll see what can be changed *Wink Surge Protection ;)
    dr emulator (madmax), Jun 22, 2020

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