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Discus and support Malware on windows 7 in AntiVirus, Firewalls and System Security to solve the problem; Hello A malware has attacked my pc and it effects my softwares. whenever i open any of my pc programs (even my anti-malware software Malwarebytes and... Discussion in 'AntiVirus, Firewalls and System Security' started by JohnPayne9, Jul 5, 2019.

  1. Malware on windows 7

    A malware has attacked my pc and it effects my softwares.
    whenever i open any of my pc programs (even my anti-malware software Malwarebytes and windows programs such as control panel) malwarebytes shows me a notification that a website has been blocked due to trojan . The domain name is "" .
    Also when i want to install a program on my computer Malwarebytes shome a notification that malware has been blocked . the location of that malware is at C:/Windows/ .
    So i close the notification and when i want to open one of my programs windows does not recognize it and says choose a program to open the file with . so i run a scan with malwarebytes (looks like that doesn't effect malwarebytes) and everytime i do that malwarebytes finds 1 threat.
    i send that threat to quarantine and after that almost all of my programs are fixed but some like Steam which i play all of may games with and my video player Kmplayer aren't and it shows me 0*c0000005 error. this error was not there before i quarantine that malware named .

    sometimes that malware uses more than half of my memory and slows down my pc . I Reinstalled my windows i reinstalled my programs but didnt solve the problem.

    I use windows 7 64-bit Pack 1

    Can anyone help me with this issue? Malware on windows 7 1bada64e-4456-4bc5-a800-1cde8c03655e?upload=true.png Malware on windows 7 aea7f383-9d0c-4005-a2ba-4368c45c5ba1?upload=true.png Malware on windows 7 356176eb-331d-4bcb-bd59-18510f2f2b4f?upload=true.png

    JohnPayne9, Jul 5, 2019

  2. What does the svchost do?

    Lots of Windows services are tied to the SVChost, and /or are listed as SVChost in the process list(s).

    Unfortunatley with Vista, there's a lot more dependencies between the services, and thus you'll be FORCED to run more instances of SVChosts; unlike XP where things were more independent and you could disable more features resulting in less SVChost instances. That and XP and Vista are different.

    Regardless of your Windows version, you can check out some service slimming guides or goto Black Viper's website and take his advice. Depending on your needs you may be able to cut down the amount of SVChost running, and save some RAM.

    XP should never have an SVChost using 50mb. Vista however can.
    newconroer, Jul 5, 2019
  3. Drone Win User
    Analyzing Svchost processes in Windows

    Here's how to track down detailed information about any Svchost.exe process running in Windows 7/8.

    a) You can use the Tasklist command-line tool to learn which services are running in a Svchost.exe. Just run cmd (command prompt) and hit

    Tasklist /svc /fo list

    Scroll through the list and find what you need. It's not quite intuitive so you can use third party programs with gui. See below:

    b) You can use svchost viewer. Best utility. Note: to run this under XP you need .Net framework 2.0 Malware on windows 7 [​IMG]

    c) Svchost Process Analyzer is another app for that. Malware on windows 7 svchost.gif

    d) And another app called Svchost lookup tool Malware on windows 7 [​IMG]

    e) And it won't hurt if you use Process Explorer and System Explorer.

    It's never bad to keep your system under control, plus all these apps are portable no installation is required.

    Drone, Jul 5, 2019
  4. Malware on windows 7

    Svchost virus?

    Did any Antivirus told you there is a malware with that name?

    Svchost or Service Host for Windows is a genuine process which as the name suggests is a process to run system tasks.
    Sumit (Independent Advisor), Jul 5, 2019
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