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Discus and support Syncing Thumb Drive in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Our church secretary likes to keep most of her documents on a thumb drive which creates a problem when she's gone, since no one but her has her drive.... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by Soapm, Mar 30, 2019.

  1. Soapm Win User

    Syncing Thumb Drive

    Our church secretary likes to keep most of her documents on a thumb drive which creates a problem when she's gone, since no one but her has her drive. We've asked that she keep church stuff on the churches computers for this reason, but to no avail. She said this time, "I forgot..."

    I would like to make it so her thumb drive (or folder with church stuff) automatically sync's to a folder on the churches computer anytime she inserts her drive. That way, if something happens to her, the church will have all it's stuff and won't have to reinvent all it's wheels. If it can be done behind the scene with no human interaction then that would really be great.

    If this were Linux I know I could do this with rsync, what's a good way to do this on Win10?

    Short version of what happened, the church is out of envelopes and we need the file to order more but she's out of town. We asked her to email us the document but you guessed it, she doesn't have her thumb drive with her. I think those things are churches property and should be on the churches computers so the church doesn't have to depend on one person. With her permission, I want to have her thumb drive automatically sync to the churches computer so we don't have this problem in the future.

    Soapm, Mar 30, 2019

  2. Can a thumb drive be disabled by malware?

    There are quite a few possibilities to what happened to your thumb drive:

    1. It might be a simple issue where the partition got corrupted: In this case you can go to Computer Management > Disk Management> and check out what partition your thumb drive currently has. If it currently is in RAW format or is just unallocated, I suggest you unallocate the entire drive and make a new partition. It's possible that you can recover upto 99% of your files with a tool like EaseUS DataRecovery Wizard Pro.
    2. The malware corrupted your thumb drive's firmware: The malware that your thumb drive may have encountered may be similar to something like BadUSB. It may or may not have modified your drive's firmware to transmit malware, but in any case your thumb drive's pretty dead, and there's not much you can do about it.
    Don't Root here plz..., Mar 30, 2019
  3. Cannot access thumb drive.


    Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    What happens when you plug the thumb drive?

    Do you receive any error code or error message?

    Have you checked it with another thumb drive?

    Try removing and reinserting it again.

    Also make sure that the AutoPlay option is
    on your computer. Follow the steps provided below:

    • Press Windows + X key.

    • Select Control panel.

    • Double click on AutoPlay option.

    • Check on the box, Use AutoPlay for all media and devices.

    Ensure that all chipset drivers from the device manager(Press Windows + X and select device manager)

    are up to date and also run the hardware troubleshooter if the issue still persist.

    • Type troubleshooting in the search bar.

    • Click view all in the left panel.

    • Select ‘Hardware and devices' and follow the on-screen instructions.
    Hope this helps. Get back to us if you still face the issue with thumb drive. We are here to assist you.
    Joy Kemprai, Mar 30, 2019
  4. Syncing Thumb Drive

    Help Me Pick a Thumb Drive

    I have recently lost my favorite thumb drive. It was only 1gb, and about a 3 years old. I now need a new one with the following requirements:

    • 4 - 8 gb
    • Will be carried on a keychain in pocket for 10 hours in a day (MUST BE STRONG)
    • Must be relatively fast
    • Under $90
    I trust you guys can help me with this. Also, I want to order it from Newegg preferably.

    Edit: Also I am going to grab this tonight, as school without a thumb drive is painful.
    PVTCaboose1337, Mar 30, 2019

Syncing Thumb Drive

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