Windows 10: System Errors Due to Bad Blocks on Hard Drive

Discus and support System Errors Due to Bad Blocks on Hard Drive in Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware to solve the problem; To begin, my laptop was working fine until inexplicably while watching an online video my computer started freezing up on me, with every task, click,... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Drivers and Hardware' started by GrinReaperX, Aug 22, 2016.

  1. System Errors Due to Bad Blocks on Hard Drive

    To begin, my laptop was working fine until inexplicably while watching an online video my computer started freezing up on me, with every task, click, and action taking painfully long to complete. I quickly restarted my laptop, and the first thing I noticed that the boot time took considerably longer than usual, not insanely so, but as much as was noticeable. I checked to make sure the computer recognized all of my ram, and it did. I ran a check disk and sure enough, there was a problem with my C drive. I didn't go through with a full repair right away, instead I wanted to see if there was any other odd behavior. I noticed that Edge autoclosed as soon as it opened, and Cortana did the same. Defragmenting didn't even start up when I clicked on the button to start it, it just flashed as if it was starting and right away relapsed to its default state. I am running a dual boot with Ubuntu, and it started up and ran just fine, with all the programs starting fast and not bringing up any errors. This got me wondering if it was really a hard drive problem or a corrupt windows problem. On Ubuntu's Drives program, it said that there were 38 bad sectors on my C drive. I went into Windows and tried restoring from a restore point, but they all mysteriously disappeared, and trying to refresh my PC would always end up with a "reset failed, undoing changes". I finally decided to leave the drive repair on overnight, and in the afternoon of the next day it was complete. I noticed that startup was a bit better, not as good as before, but better. Ubuntu's Drives program now said there were only 35 bad sectors. Actions now take just as long as when the computer was running normally, but I'm stuck with the problems where cortana and Edge autoclose, and programs take forever to eventually open up (a couple minutes at most so I guess that was an exaggeration) However, what I find odd is that when I run a program from task manager, like firefox.exe, they open right away, as well as all apps open right away. I'm really confused as to what the problem really is, how to fix it completely if at all, and why Ubuntu is running fine on the same hard drive.

    Just for a quick rundown of my netbook, I'm using a Asus U56E with Windows 10 Pro installed (with all necessary updates), 6 GB of ram, Intel i5 2nd gen, Intel HD 3000 graphics.

    GrinReaperX, Aug 22, 2016

  2. Error Event 7... Can anyone decipher?


    The Event ID: 7 or Error Event 7 indicates that a "bad block" was found on your hard drive which Windows attempted to read.

    Usually, Check Disk (Chkdsk) can help you whenever you're encountering error associated with a hard drive. It is a command run utility that is used to check the file system and status of the system's hard drives. Chkdsk can also optionally
    scan every sector on a disk volume looking for a bad sectors. A bad sector on a hard drive is a sector of the hard drive that appears to be affected.

    Before performing the check disk, please provide us a screenshot of your Disk Management to help us identify which hard drive is affected. To open your Disk Management, press
    Window key + R > type diskmgmt.msc
    > click OK.

    We're looking forward to your response.
    Antoneth Ber, Aug 22, 2016
  3. No space on hard drive due to system reserved patition and installer files

    Hi Ruth,

    Right-click on the start button and select Disk Management, then, take a snapshot of the DM window and post it in your next reply for us to take a look at.

    You can use the Windows 10 snipping tool to take a snapshot of the window (use the rectangular snip function (not a full screenshot image) then save it for use in the reply).

    Windows 10 - How to Use Snipping Tool - Capture Screenshot

    How to add an image or hyperlink to a reply:

    System Errors Due to Bad Blocks on Hard Drive [​IMG]

    We'll be waiting hear back from you.

    RichardEiler, Aug 22, 2016
  4. Kbird Win User

    System Errors Due to Bad Blocks on Hard Drive

    What kind of Video? from where ? ............Virus ? Malware ? Rootkit ?

    most hard drives have bad sectors , as long as there are marked as such the OS doesn't use them , not sure if Linux is seeing new Bad Blocks or just existing ones. If you fix sectors in Linux you may wipe out something important in Windows though so be careful and do plenty of research 1st.
    Kbird, Aug 23, 2016
  5. It was an episode of Family Guy (kill me) hosted on KissCartoon, which is a clean site that I and many other people have been using for a long time.
    GrinReaperX, Aug 24, 2016
  6. Samuria Win User
    Bad sectors are first mapped to engineering tracks and are never seen once thats full then you start seeing them which means things are getting worse and failure can come any time. It may be on only one area so a different partitions may be fine. Sooner or later data loss and crashs will happen the only option is a new hd or return under warranty as a lot have 4 years now
    Samuria, Aug 24, 2016
  7. I'm almost 100 percent sure this hard drive is over the 4 year warranty, and at the moment I have no money to pay for a new HD (I'm starting a fast-food job on Sunday though, so hopefully it doesn't keel over before I save up money from that). Since every site I've been to suggests that though, I guess that's my only option. Luckily I do have a Desktop with a fair amount of storage on it's hard drive, is there a way I can transfer everything to it offline for easy movement back to another hard drive so I don't run the risk of losing my data. I have some important pictures, programs, and game save data I'd rather not lose.
    GrinReaperX, Aug 24, 2016
  8. Kbird Win User

    System Errors Due to Bad Blocks on Hard Drive

    If the drive is that old and starting to fail , it has likely run out of spare sectors to remap to , so yes eventually it will fail , I would take it out of the Netbook and Image the Drive with Macrium Reflect Free on the Desktop , you can then restore the backup to the new Drive once you get it before installing in the Netbook. (Assuming you don't have an external USB drive to backup too instead ) , might not be wise to wait , backup asap , and put back in netbook while you save if needed , if the Data is precious.

    While you have it out check the serial no# for Warranty , if you are lucky it maybe 5 yrs , alot now have reduced to 3 or 4 though.

    If you can afford it go SSD with the new one , it gave my old Asus 1005 Netbook a nice wee boost in speed over the old 5400rpm HDD.

    Kbird, Aug 24, 2016
  9. CountMike New Member
    CountMike, Aug 24, 2016
  10. Thanks, I'll do just that. Also thanks for the program name, I'll see how well it works *Smile
    GrinReaperX, Apr 5, 2018

System Errors Due to Bad Blocks on Hard Drive

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