Windows 10: System image and cloud

Discus and support System image and cloud in Windows 10 Backup and Restore to solve the problem; Have a two part question. I consider myself medium to a bit above in terms of tech and figuring things out. But, I am fairly new with regards to system... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Backup and Restore' started by Gilligan71, Feb 16, 2021.

  1. System image and cloud

    Have a two part question. I consider myself medium to a bit above in terms of tech and figuring things out. But, I am fairly new with regards to system "image", backup, etc.... Believe it or not, I thought they were the same. Now I look back and think how much headache I could have saved myself with a system image, especially incremental. Anyways, for "newbie" in this realm...what is a good system image program? Literally all I would use it for. Is the Windows 10 program okay, or should I look for a better, hopefully free, software.

    Secondly...I haven't found much on here about Cloud Storage. I use multiple cloud storage programs (non-Google and Microsoft). I am trying and REALLY like IceDrive. I love the ability to actually have it mounted as a local drive. Does anyone know how or other programs that will allow other cloud storage programs to be mounted as a "local drive?" I ran OneDrive before but it caused so much headache, and then trying to get it off a computer once you use it was a pain (at least for me). Anyways...thanks again for any help! The below is my CURRENT windows 10:

    EditionWindows 10 Pro
    Installed on‎2/‎15/‎2021
    OS build19042.804
    ExperienceWindows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.551.0

    Gilligan71, Feb 16, 2021

  2. System Image to cloud

    Can I save System Image to one drive cloud?
    QUAYQUAYCONG, Feb 16, 2021
  3. System Image Problem

    I'm getting a head start in case you get on early.

    Can you post camera pics to your thread from your phone?

    There will be steps later that require attention to detail and I'd feel better if I could see what's on your screen. I had to try the steps more than once when I tested the process and I'd like to avoid that on your machine.

    Here's what I'd like to do for the Macrium Rescue steps later on in the process
    I'll post the the step, you'll post an picture of the Macrium screen,
    I'll echo same screen back if I see something that needs changing or I'll just say Go Ahead

    When I confirm that the Macrium screen, you'll make any changes I've highlighted and THEN execute the step

    Here's where you begin today's session, we'll get as far as we get and then pick up when you get back home.

    Step 1: Safeguard the System Image by moving it to a new folder

    1. Connect the Seagate exp drive

    2. File Explorer: Navigate to the Seagate drive

    3. Create a new Folder named 1_sysImage

    4. Move WindowsImageBackup to 1_sysImage

    Step 2: List the VHDs in the System Image

    1. File Explorer: Navigate to 1_sysImage\WindowsImageBackup\machineName\Backup date-time

    2. Press the Type column to sort by Type

    3. Post a screen shot
    Slartybart, Feb 16, 2021
  4. System image and cloud

    System Image Problem

    [table][tr][td]Version[/td] [td]Date[/td] [/tr] [tr][td]5.05[/td] [td]8/03/2009[/td] [/tr] [tr][td]5.08[/td] [td]7/21/2009[/td] [/tr] [/table]
    Which one is newer?
    Only 5.05 was offered on HP for the machine I linked.
    The description danced around some of the anomalies we're seen with drives.

    Since only 5.05 was offered, I questioned 5.08
    Guess we know the answer now - 5.05 failed to flash.
    We could spend time trying to figure that out, but IMO it's better on the back burner for now

    I think the next step is to try the Macrium sleight of hand to get the System Image restored.
    I'd like to get the System Image up and running to do the follwoing

    • Copy Nick's data to a folder off of the restored System Image C: drive

    • run a Belarc Advisor audit to collect license keys for Nick's software

    • there might be other data collection that Nick can do in preparation for the final step

    The final step is a clean install, install up-to-date MS and 3rd party software, and restore the copied personal data.

    Nick was having difficulty locating the outlook files in the System Image - so getting it back running live is the best I can think of.

    Thoughts, suggestions, and objections are always welcome and considered
    Slartybart, Feb 16, 2021

System image and cloud

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