Windows 10: System image restore?

Discus and support System image restore? in Windows 10 Ask Insider to solve the problem; Hi everyone, I hope you'll be able to help me. I have a win 10 PC and a NAS, and I've made backups of it, both in the "file history backup" and with... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Ask Insider' started by /u/ciabattastorm, Nov 22, 2020 at 9:22 AM.

  1. System image restore?

    Hi everyone, I hope you'll be able to help me.

    I have a win 10 PC and a NAS, and I've made backups of it, both in the "file history backup" and with "advanced backup from win 7". I wasn't quite sure which one was the best, so I just did both.

    My pc went in for repairs (speaker broken), and came back fully formatted. Now I'm having so many troubles bringing it back !!!

    I tried file restore, which only restores the files, but not all my installed programs or user settings.

    I also tried to use the win 7 restore, but I had the same result.

    What i want to do is an image restore. I've done it once with a Mac and it worked perfectly.

    How do you do it on Win 10? I have a folder in my Nas called Windowsimagebackup, I should be able to do it.

    Thanks for any help!

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    /u/ciabattastorm, Nov 22, 2020 at 9:22 AM
  2. Nikhar_K Win User

    restore system image from command prompt, drive d: not seen by system restore


    Thank you for writing to Microsoft Community Forums.

    To be able to help you with the appropriate troubleshooting steps, please reply with the following details:

    • Are you trying to restore the system image or create a system image?
    • Are you able to see the external drive in File Explorer?
    • Could you please briefly explain the procedure that you are following to initiate a system image restore?

    In the meantime, I suggest you to refer the articles on
    How to: Create a system image in Windows 10

    How to restore a Windows 10 system image to an existing or larger storage device
    created by Andre Da Costa.

    Please reply with the detailed information, to help you in a better way.


    Nikhar Khare

    Microsoft Community - Moderator
  3. jellyroll Win User
    How to delete inactive System Image Restore Points in System Restore

    Windows 10 64-bit.
    When I click "show more restore points" in System Restore I see a bunch of old "system image restore points" that were deleted in past and do not correspond to any currently active restore points. Clicking any of these old restore points, I simply get an error message saying they could not be found, and to select another restore point instead.I would like to delete these restore points listings but have been unable to do so.
    So far, I have tried steps mentioned below without any luck :

    Disk Cleanup through (CSystem image restore? :) Properties
    Disable System Protection (OFF and ON) in System Protection for OS (CSystem image restore? :)
    Disk Space Usage to minimum (slider button all the way to the left then 'Delete all restore points for this drive'),
    Delete all shown Restore points in CCleaner (the problem ones do not show here),
    Reset Windows Backup to Default in Windows 10 with 'Reset_Windows_Backup.bat' utility.

    Any suggestions highly welcome.
  4. System image restore?

    System Image Problem


    Could you elaborate on the Nick's Data? I've already done a Sys Img to G: drive.
    What is a Belarc Advisor audit?

    Rebooting now to see if drives stay the same.


System image restore?

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