Windows 10: Task duration time question

Discus and support Task duration time question in Windows 10 Installation and Upgrade to solve the problem; I am running a Robocopy task using a a script in a .bat file. What command lines would I have to incorporate into the script that will post somewhere... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Installation and Upgrade' started by IvanDenisovich, Sep 16, 2020 at 2:52 PM.

  1. Task duration time question

    I am running a Robocopy task using a a script in a .bat file. What command lines would I have to incorporate into the script that will post somewhere i.e. a text file the start and ending time of the task so its duration can be ascertained? This does not seem possible directly from Robocopy itself, despite its multitude of switches.

    All suggestions appreciated.

    IvanDenisovich, Sep 16, 2020 at 2:52 PM

  2. c# subtract elements of a list

    Create EventInfo class with DateTime EventStart, DateTime EventEnd, and a TimeSpan property Duration (with only getter) that gets EventEnd-EventStart.
    Then you keep the list of EventInfo instances.
  3. C5 duration of each call


    I'm sorry to bother you with this simple question concerning the C5: I already had what I wanted but don't find it anymore.

    Here it is: a list of all individual calls with their starting time and duration (in addition the list had one of the three symbols for in, out, not accepted). More precisely the list looked like this

    symbol | telephone number | starting time

    Using Options C5 switched to a whole screen with information of the active item, including the duration of the call.

    Please help me find this list again.

    Thanks in advance
  4. Task duration time question

    Clock, date and time missing from task bar

    Can someone, please provide me with a answer to my question above? I tried all the suggestions. The suggestions containing steps, do not show up as described. For example: Click on an empty space on the task bar, click customized notifications, turn clock
    on. None of this steps show up on the drop menue.
    Rebecca Gonzalez, Sep 16, 2020 at 2:59 PM

Task duration time question

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