Windows 10: Taskbar hangs on startup

Discus and support Taskbar hangs on startup in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; Hello, I'm having this really annoying problem. My taskbar totally hangs after booting my PC, I can't click the start button or the multi-desktop or... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by Vstoll, Jan 23, 2017.

  1. Vstoll Win User

    Taskbar hangs on startup


    I'm having this really annoying problem. My taskbar totally hangs after booting my PC, I can't click the start button or the multi-desktop or notifications, the clock is stuck too, not updating. When I put the cursor on the taskbar, the loading blue disk appears and nothing happens.

    It seems a problem with the startup because my mouse is really slow, meaning that Logitech driver isn't starting and my configurations can't load.

    Anyone have a solution for that? My PC is basically useless now and I desperately need it for work.


    Vstoll, Jan 23, 2017

  2. Windows 10 1607 Taskbar Hangs

    Windows 10 Home Version 1607 Build 14393.105

    Taskbar, Start and Cortana don't respond for a long time on system startup

    Everything Hangs

    Sundar kumar Akella, Jan 23, 2017
  3. ShutDown button in desktop (Win-10)

    Just upgraded to Win10-64 Professional. I had used the Shutdown desktop icon in Win7-64, but now it hangs my system. Using this icon hangs my system for an hour with "Windows Updating - Don't shut your computer down" and the hangs it for a hour on startup
    with "Windows Updating". Shutdown with the normal taskbar icon is immediate, & no hanging the system on startup.

    Do you know of a solution to this issue?

    I can attach the Event Viewer Application Log FYI. I shut down with the desktop icon about 230pm, logged on about 315pm

    I don't see a way to attach the file...
    DuncanRhodes2, Jan 23, 2017
  4. philc43 Win User

    Taskbar hangs on startup

    Hello and welcome to TenForums *Smile

    How long have you waited for it to start up? Overnight? If you were in the middle of an update there might be a lot of background processes finishing their tasks. If not then try turning the PC on and off deliberately for three times during the boot process which will cause the PC to go into recovery mode where you will have the option to do a repair.

    Please fill in your system specs so that we can know a bit more about your system.
    philc43, Jan 23, 2017
  5. Vstoll Win User
    Hello philc43, thanks for your reply!

    I turned my PC off yesterday somewhat close to 11PM and tuned it on today by 10AM, the system didn't notified me if there was an update avaiable or happening when I turned it off, in fact, I had problems with my internet connection yesterday, so I don't think the system managed to download any updates.

    I've searched online and found some people with simillar problems and they solved by running a Powershell command, but it didn't worked in my case. sfc/scannow didn't found any problems also.

    Here's my system:

    MOBO: Biostar TP55
    CPU: Intel Core i5 750, Stock
    RAM: 2x4GB Corsair Dominator DDR3 and 2x 2GB G.Skill Ripjaw (The RAM Latency and frequency are equal on both brands)
    GPU: Zotac GTX 970
    HDD: 2x WD Caviar Black 500GB in raid0
    PSU: Thermaltake TR2 RX 650W Modular
    OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 Version 1067 Build 14393.693 with Anniversary Update
    Vstoll, Apr 4, 2018

Taskbar hangs on startup

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