Windows 10: Taskbar icons not changing.

Discus and support Taskbar icons not changing. in Windows 10 Ask Insider to solve the problem; Over a year ago I downloaded some icons for my taskbar. I had to download the icons, and then change the icon through windows, and then run the Reset... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Ask Insider' started by /u/meat_toboggan69, Jan 9, 2021.

  1. Taskbar icons not changing.

    Over a year ago I downloaded some icons for my taskbar. I had to download the icons, and then change the icon through windows, and then run the Reset Icon Cache tweak in Winaero Tweaker to actually get the icons to change. However, I decided to finally change it up, and now it doesn't change anything. Does anyone know how I can get the different icons to actually show up?

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    /u/meat_toboggan69, Jan 9, 2021
  2. Yaqub K Win User

    System Icons on taskbar


    Thank you for posting on Microsoft Communities.

    Are you referring to the clock system icon on the taskbar?

    If so, I suggest you to follow the steps mentioned below:

    • Click on the search bar on the taskbar.

    • Type system icons.

    • Under Turn System Icons ON or OFF, turn On the Clock and check with the issue.

    Hope it helps.
    Yaqub K, Jan 9, 2021
  3. MCK
    mck Win User
    Cannot change desktop icon

    Sometimes a desktop icon changes from what it was to a plain white folder. Might be something I did but not sure what.

    To change it to the icon I want, I go:
    1. Rt-click icon > Properties > Change icon
    2. I select the icon I want from the thumbnails of icons.
    3. Click OK
    4. Click Apply
    But the icon does not change. It just stays looking like a white folder.
    HOWEVER, if I pin the icon to the taskbar, the icon on the taskbar does look like the icon I selected in step-2. So the change is registered with Win10 but the icon on the desktop just doesn't change.

    Any ideas on how to fix this?
  4. Ma. Lau Win User

    Taskbar icons not changing.

    Small icons setting won't change

    I suggest that you change or uncheck Use small taskbar buttons by following the steps below:

    • Right-click the Taskbar.
    • Select Properties.
    • In the Taskbar tab make sure that Use small taskbar is

      Taskbar icons not changing. e377d97f-489c-45cb-8856-ca9160202472.jpg
    • Click Apply and OK.
    If the issue still persists, you can change the size of desktop icons.

    • Right-click an empty space on the desktop.
    • Select View and choose either Large, Medium or Small icons.
    • Check if you can change the size of the taskbar button.
    Let us know how it goes.

    Ma. Lau, Jan 9, 2021

Taskbar icons not changing.

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