Windows 10: Taskbar refuses to auto-hide

Discus and support Taskbar refuses to auto-hide in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; I did some poking around, and this thread comes close, but nothing listed there had any affect at all. When I am running an app in a full-screen... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by SylenThunder, Jun 20, 2015.

  1. Taskbar refuses to auto-hide

    I did some poking around, and this thread comes close, but nothing listed there had any affect at all.

    When I am running an app in a full-screen windowed, I can sometimes make it hide by Alt-tabbing to the program. (Even though the program was already in focus.)

    Pretty much the rest of the time, it's always up. I've tried flipping it back and forth, and sometimes that will fix it for a few minutes, but no longer than that.

    I'm running 10130, and this system was upgraded from Win7 somewhere when build numbers were in the upper 9k mark. I'm not interested in doing a complete wipe and re-install unless it is absolutely necessary for continued functionality of my system. It will take me way too long to put everything back.

    Really this wouldn't be so much of a problem if it didn't cover the bottom of every application I run in a large window or maximized. With build 10130 though, it's gotten to the point where it just doesn't want to hide anymore, and I can't seem to find anyone else discussing the issue. Until they fix the issue with full-screen applications not rendering correctly, I kinda need this fixed.

    SylenThunder, Jun 20, 2015
  2. Gina_on_the_thread, Jun 20, 2015
  3. Can you hide the taskbar in windows 10?

    It refuses to hide because you have something active on the taskbar. My main culprit was OneDrive trying to pull pictures from my phone. If it was active, it wouldn't auto hide.
    spcstruck11778, Jun 20, 2015
  4. CmmTch Win User

    Taskbar refuses to auto-hide

    I've clean installed 10130 as a dual boot with W7, and always hid the task bar, worked fine on W7, XP, and W2000 before that. I set it to auto hide in W10 10130 and most times it will hide but others it just stays up.

    With 10 TP it isn't consistent, I don't run 10 too much but am trying to use it more often to get used to it. I attribute anomalies like this to the fact it's still a Tech Preview, I'm pretty sure things like this will work every time in the RTM
    CmmTch, Jun 20, 2015
  5. Gramps Win User
    Gramps, Jun 20, 2015
  6. SylenThunder, Jun 20, 2015
  7. jimbo45 Win User
    Hi there

    As a previous poster says it works fine in build 10147 (latest leaked build).

    I did find though that after applying the latest updates to build 10130 the problem seems to have gone away.

    Another tip -- if you decide to change the VIDEO resolution - 125% works -- 150% can possibly cause problems of parts of the screen not being accessible.

    jimbo45, Jun 20, 2015
  8. w1nd0w Win User

    Taskbar refuses to auto-hide

    The laptop had a taskbar icon which changed with the touchpad activity, so the taskbar always thought there was significant activity and never hid. There was a config item on the touchpad to remove the icon. Success!
    w1nd0w, Aug 11, 2015
  9. lifopro Win User
    w1nd0w's post worked for me & fixed my taskbar issue. Thanks, sir/madam!
    lifopro, Aug 26, 2015
  10. CmmTch Win User
    Since this was such an old thread I didn't post when my problem with the taskbar was resolved. I quit the insider program and upgraded my Win7 to W10, since that time the taskbar hides like it's supposed to.

    IMO the TP was the root cause, that's the only time I had trouble was before RTM.
    CmmTch, Aug 27, 2015
  11. I have had the taskbar hiding correctly for weeks since the last time it refused to hide. Now this problem is back without any good reason. No updates or app installs that could have triggered it to this buggy state. I can get it to hide for a short time using Windows 10 Manager and setting the taskbar to small icons. This seems to reset the hide option and makes it work again. But before long it won't hide anymore.

    What is really annoying about this bug is that when you set the taskbar to 'hidden' then app windows act as though the taskbar is genuinely hidden, and they extend full-screen. This leaves their lowest part hidden behind the wrongly-visible taskbar.

    The only real option is not to use the taskbar hidden option - and accept that the taskbar is always going to take up part of the display. This is a bad thing for smaller screened laptop users. Fix this, Microsoft.
    squawksarah, Oct 6, 2015
  12. aztec506 Win User
    ame problem here. Tried all the fixes I could find in forums, newsgroups, etc and nothing works. I make changes then go back and click hide the taskbar and it will work for about a second then pop back up and stay. Leaving it like that makes app windows with buttons like okay, cancel, etc are often hidden behind the taskbar that's supposed to hide. Like Squawk the only thing to do is to not have the auto hide option selected. Even with small icons selected it takes up 1/2" of display real estate. Come on Microsoft - fix this.
    aztec506, Oct 25, 2015
  13. Taskbar refuses to auto-hide

    i now believe the taskbar is being forced visible by hidden notifications. if i restart the computer the problwm is gone until the next invisible notification.
    squawksarah, Oct 26, 2015
  14. Raart Win User
    That's it. After reading some threads on this I decided to invetigate deeper this misbehaviour (I recall this as a problem existing for ages in Windows) and understand this as a mere programming problem.
    Programmers should take care their procedure verifies that (hidden) notifications are "closed" after a specified amount of time. If this is not the case, else closing the APP will leave active processes waiting forever and so the taskbar will not hide.
    I've checked this and verified that only certain APPs stop the taskbar from hiding. Looking at the active processes after closing this APPs indeed there remain processes waiting for something will never occur. Killing that processes the taskbar as magic hides again...! *Wink
    Actually I don't see any way to have a workaround for this. Poor programming has consequences.
    So far on this argument.
    Raart, Nov 30, 2015

Taskbar refuses to auto-hide

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