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Discus and support Taskbars on Multiple Displays in Windows 10 Support to solve the problem; One thing that has always annoyed me with Windows 10 is the way that if you have two or more displays, the taskbar on the secondary displays is not the... Discussion in 'Windows 10 Support' started by davefaz, Jul 22, 2020.

  1. davefaz Win User

    Taskbars on Multiple Displays

    One thing that has always annoyed me with Windows 10 is the way that if you have two or more displays, the taskbar on the secondary displays is not the same as the primary display. On secondary displays you are not allowed to add Toolbars to the taskbar. This is a real pain for me because I use the toolbars a lot, so having to change my ways when I am using a secondary display is very inconvenient. Does anyone know of a way to overcome this? Ideally I just want exactly the same taskbar on the secondary displays as is on the primary.

    davefaz, Jul 22, 2020

  2. Multiple display taskbar

    Hi Justin,

    Let me guide you now on how to set up multiple displays on a Windows 10 computer. You may follow the steps below to configure the correct display settings for your device.

    Here are the steps:

    • Right-click on your desktop.
    • Select Display settings, then different options will be displayed.
    • You can either choose Duplicate these displays to sync your activities from the original monitor with the second one or
      Extend these displays to be able to do multiple activities using separate displays.
    • After choosing your preferred option, click on Apply.

    Let us know if you have any further questions.
    Engelsen Fad, Aug 4, 2020
  3. Taskbar Issue with Multiple Monitors


    Thank you for posting your query in Microsoft Community. We understand the inconvenience caused and will assist you.

    Please share the information below:

    • Are you using a Local Account or a Microsoft Account?
    • What is the make and model of your PC?

    I suggest you to follow the steps provided below and check if it helps.

    • Right click on the Taskbar and select Properties.
    • Check if the option for Lock the Taskbar and Auto-hide the taskbar
      are ticked.
    • If they are ticked then uncheck the option for Auto-hide the taskbar.

    Also, suggest you to update the Display driver by following the steps below:

    • Press Windows key + X, select Device Manager.
    • Expand Display Adapters.
    • Right click on the driver and select Update Driver Software.
    • Follow the on-screen prompts to update.

    Hope the information is helpful. Feel free to
    write to us for any other assistance with Windows, we’ll be glad to assist you.
    Eeshwar Kumar, Aug 4, 2020
  4. Taskbars on Multiple Displays

    Change the location of taskbar on multiple display Windows 10

    Hello Peter,

    Thank you for posting your query in Microsoft Community.

    Let me answer your query regarding taskbar location on multiple displays.

    Do you have multiple monitors connected to the same computer?

    Please be informed that right now there is no option to change the location of taskbar to the scenario which you mentioned.

    As this is the option you would like to see in windows 10, you may provide your suggestions in the feedback app.

    It will be directly referred by our developer’s team for further improvement.

    Follow the steps:

    • Go to Start, enter the phrase Windows Feedback, and then select Windows Feedback.
    • See if someone else has given similar feedback by entering the topic, such as Microsoft Music.
    • If you find similar feedback, select it, add any details, and then select Me too.
    • To narrow your search to a specific category, pick the category that most closely matches your feedback (so it gets to the right people quickly). For example, for feedback about the Music app, select Apps > Music.
    • If you don’t find any similar feedback, select New Feedback, and choose a topic from Select a category and then select a subcategory.
    • Enter your feedback (the more details the better!), add a screenshot if you can, and you're done.
    However you may follow the below steps to change the location of the taskbar (changes the location on both the monitors to same place) and check.

    1. Right click on the taskbar and click on properties.

    2. Select the taskbar tab.

    3. In the “Taskbar location on the screen” drop down list you may select your preferred location and click on apply.

    Hope the information helps, do reply if you need further assistance.

    Thank you.
    Deepak Kodi, Aug 4, 2020

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